Your Current Situation?

It would be interesting to know what you all are currently doing in magic ??

I am currently working on sigil magic of the spirits in Mastering Evocation Companion workbook. !

In the broad sense forcing my reality to change on a daily basis, in the more specific definition: doing many, many, many evocations. Sometimes involving new beings, mostly reinforcing the connection with the ones I currently contact regularly.

I would be interested to know this myself, i’m walking in woods searching for a cabin and i might be very close to the warmth and feast it offers me - but i don’t know where exactly i am.

I’m seeing glimpses, but i need to see the whole picture so to speak.

Working on making contact with Hekate, Lucifer and Belial. I had a dream a few nights ago of a dog in the water, all I could see was its head. As I walked up to it the dog stood up and had a female body with the dog head, and she was holding a torch, she went inside a lake with the torch and I followed her.

I’m really emphasizing working on me. Increasing my energy, vibration, chakra work. Sigil magic, some evocation. Really want to master astral travel, but am struggling with wanting to do so much that I can’t do it all at once.

The last remaining fears…denial of sacred rites. Tarot. Adjustments and non adjustments.

I’m currently in the south side…lots of voudon/hoodu people in this area…I’m slowly being allowed into their world. Its the same world I was in the easr…but here there’s more spiritualism …strange because they are only…10 miles apart. Must have to do with zoning.

If anyone has any down to earth Questions about hudoo or voudon …I can take it with me and get you answers. Let me know…it will also help me because I have trouble thinking about the information I’d like to know.

Hmm…as a black magician,who is in a current situation of constant change,I can tell you that I’m never ‘‘just there’’ talking to some Wandering Spirit with a Ouija Board,as I have tons of circumstances to manipulate.

I pull strings on people,and situations.I align my life in every way that I want it to.In this sense,I’ve been doing lots of black magick…lots of candle magick,lots of sympathetic magick,lots of sigil magick…

Lots of demonic magic,and lots of angelic magick.

I perform one spell,almost every week,that has me giving an offering to the Fay.For some reason they have been attracting me since last October,and I need to find a way to solidify connections with them before I do anything serious with them.So,a good luck spell is what I do.

I also tend to talk to Thoth a lot,because he has a lot to offer,and I am seizing those opportunities.

I also do Elemental Magick a lot.

In between I do all sorts of stuff,and really,I am never in a situation…I’m more like moving towards some situation…it’s a nice process of ascent.

But there’s a lot to be done with magick.Quite a lot…