Your cartoon version?

This is just meant to be funny. But what would your cartoon version be.
I found me and Velotak!

Dexter’s laboratory!
Of course he’s the smarty mcSmart Dexter and Im the annoying DeeDee who is always trying to get in his secret lab! :slight_smile:

Eh, I win some, lose some! Or he just lets me win some!

Either way its funny cuz its kinda how we really are. Im always trying to learn his secrets haha!


What cartoon version of myself am I?
Well a combination of sorts. Think of me as orochimaru intertwined with madara.

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Probably a combination of Itachi (Naruto) and Zim (Invader Zim).

Why did Itachi have to die? :’(



She joined me in a real ritual the other day when we I was walking down the street after work. The show is a definite reflection of the challenges life will throw at you if your ready or not, if this is a sure I am king yama. Her name is Botan shes the grim reaper. I imagine her hair when I see blue aura and attribute it to her instead of the color of astral nasty aura because if the abyss is open or im with an entity of the black sun they can come out of a misread for blue aura.

To hear her voice effectively(of anything be it house or an anime character) I practiced “keeping her out of the abyss sanctuary” by having her read someone through invisibility then using the spell I’serin’alis to make her not get summoned completely until I get her voice straight. I’serin’alis is a spell that takes away the will of any participates of a ritual or godform (Dui Moorak) so that they may not preform any affirmation that took place and then they hit invisibility. Yig taught me this, for its easier then thinking Dui Moorak - you are not that entity, Bae(invisability code-word) I invoke black sun(n) into my abyss.(acasual fire or cauterizing fire if the gate is closed) then you visualize energy falling from the sky when you invoke the abyss and our sacred fire.

Somewhere between this.

And this.

All depends on how much caffeine i have in me. =D

A mix of Rogue from xmen animated series and Mamimi from the FoolyCooly anime.
A little bit of sarcastic sass, a little bit abysmally delusional.

Add the philosphy of Socrates and boom. C’est moi.

Actually that’d be the best way to describe me. Ask any of my friends LOL. At least me at three in the morning

I actually have a cartoon that was done of me.

Lydia Deetz:

Complete with annoying parental figure trying to inject color into my life and encouraging me to ‘smile, Smile, SMIIIIILE!!!’



Sometimes this is me …i am the fucking princess haha…


[quote=“GaiasGirl, post:10, topic:9608”]Lydia Deetz:

Complete with annoying parental figure trying to inject color into my life and encouraging me to ‘smile, Smile, SMIIIIILE!!!’


Hahah I was gonna put Lydia for me as well

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Someone told me I can be like her sometimes XD

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I change my mind. Think of me as a skinny Champa.

Propably Raven from teen titans but NOT Teen Titans Go.


Raven is beautiful tbh


Indeed she is


Me in a nut shell :rofl: :point_down:





I can agree with that! :joy:


Nyannnn :smirk_cat:

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