Your Black magick/Withcraft music - Chapter 3

Hi everyone! :smile:

Hey I would love to get to know what music you like and find most condusive to your rituals, magickal lifestyles,

In that spirit I would love to share some of my top magick lyrics track I found, some of which I love to listen to as a soundtrack to my experience of magick in life…; (on a more personal note, the more destructive ones,

I generally use right before a ritual) what are your favourites that seriously turn you into a most ‘fitting’ focuss for you…instrumentally or with lyrics where the words fit you best… in ritual magick, or generally?

(The one from the Craft was specifically shared with me by a spirit- I love to listen to this one while in public places :slight_smile:



This one opened a gateway during my work with Lilith

And of course we have this masterpiece right here…

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I like to do thelemic rituals with this music

These are actually two songs, but they are connected. The first one is a great song about succubi (I wish I had a similar one about incubi) and the second one is one that connects me with my process of climbing the three of death

This is a song that also inspired me during my qliphotic process, as the video itself gives a sense of being wandering through the desert.

This other was a great inspiration during my qabalistic journey, specially when I started learning some Hebrew and the demons where wanting me to understand Christianity, which I think I achieved.

As far as I know, this one is a love song from Ukraine, but even if you are not doing love rituals, it works great for anything, as it really has a good timing and emotion for building up the energy. Also, remember those Japanese series where the fights had love songs in the background?

This one is great for medidation, the metal style makes it really badass, bonus if you sing the mantra with your succubus through possesion.

This one is about my favorite Hindu goddess, it inspires me a lot

This one is also great for medidation, sounds badass but the lyrics are actually quite peaceful. Sometimes I do the exercise of singing it,

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Thx peeps, gonna check your music lyric’s asap! thanks! surely gets me in the mood for justice!

I’m not a WWE fan but…this is such perfect payback music… :)) man those lyrics…

hey thanks a bunch, I listened to your songs/music…so love your input/words- thankssss! :smiley:

Whoever has more, please share! :slight_smile:

If you wish you can add some personal words with it - that’d be very very cool! :smiley:

I cant find a good recording of it, but the entire cassette tape “legalise drugs and murder” by Electric Wizard, sends me into a trance of “yes I want pure madness, hail Lucifer” … It was only released in the UK, but if you have a tape player I totally suggest getting it