Your Best Evocations


Which Demon, Angel or Other Entity are you most often evoking and what are you gaining from these evocations?


The one most recently is King Paimon and every time I evoke him his features get more defined.


Hey BlackPhoenix! Ain’t it interesting how that “evolution” in their appearance occurs? I wonder whether that’s puposeful on their end, or if it has more to do with our own expectation/ understanding that is actually changing?


In deep meditation just before, I attempted a kind of mental evocation or contact with Ose. I asked for help or guidance about a particular technique I want to learn and have been struggling with.

Now, I am not very experienced with evocation but I did get a vision of Ose as levitating, legs crossed on a small cloud, in whitish clothing. He had grey/white hair and a long thin grey beard with a thin build and human appearance as of an older man. I received mentally what were two instructions. The first being to pray to him at night to loosen or break the chains that bind my physical and astral body and the second instruction to not reveal what I learn of the method to anyone.

As it has been my first attempt of asking the help of a spirit of the Goetia, I can only say this is what I experienced after calling his name and respectfully asking for assistance if he was so willing. It was all done mentally/telepathically so I thought I would share this and if anyone had any comments that would be great. I heard a loud pop on the wall towards the end which was interesting as I did this around midday in a quiet house.


VirdonDjinn - You succeeded in being accepted to learn from Ose! Wonderful! (I call him Oso, btw, and he seemed to prefer it.) He’s absolutely one of my favorites, thus far. He is a Person of quiet dignity, so he appreciates good manners & respect (your instincts served you well!) I noted his appearance to you was different from my experience, and I believe I read somewhere that Necromaster saw him yet again different. This is not surprising, given his ‘shapeshifter’ forte’. I like to think he appears in whatever form he thinks will put you at ease. Congratulations, VirdonDjinn! Oso is a magnificent assistant & teacher. :wink: Z


Oh, thank you so much, Zoe! I really appreciate you sharing your knowledge and comments of experience with Ose. I’m so happy right now. I can’t wait to go ahead tonight and attempt to call him.

The strange thing is from what you said about his name was that as I began to call his name mentally, I was unsure of the pronunciation, so I began with Ose as in (dose), then progressed to Ose as in(Oh-see) then settled on Ose(as in Oh-say). I will also try Oso. Thanks for the tip!

As I sensed his approach if you will, firstly, it was like a polite rejection of my polite request, then as I continued to respectfully ask, it was like his presence came closer as I was under subtle scrutiny and I really made sure to watch my thoughts at this point and be as respectful as possible and felt an energy at this point over me and vision of him occurred soon after giving me the instructions.

Another interesting thing to note was it was like some other spirits were with him as his familiars who were not visible but gave a friendly warning not too ‘mess with this spirit’ as in don’t reveal the methods he gives for what I want to learn. And it’s like they also relayed some of the information as well. Like you say, Zoe, I felt politely rejected at first but then after persisting I was accepted. He very much seemed like a person of quiet dignity. The word ‘dignity’ actually popped into my head during the experience too.

I do remember Necromaster mention him on a thread and that is why I chose to call to Ose for help with this particular skill. I’m really looking forward to what I may learn. :slight_smile:


I’ve found myself highly attracted to and compatible with Marbas. I’ve also been quite fond of Raphael, Metatron, Gabriel, Michael, and Ariel. Another one I’ve found myself attracted to, of course, is Azazel. Though I haven’t really done a legit full evocation with him, I do open his sigil often and make connection with him.


DKM: I’ve worked with the (so-called) archangels for longer than any other nonphysical People, and I just LOVE 'EM! They’ve all got such a distinct feel & presence, don’t they? Not familiar with Marbas at all - what can you freely share about him? And while I find Azazel fascinating, I’ve not yet felt pulled to call on him. I’ve worked with Segal, Dantalion & Oso a bit on various things. All in all I tend to have a good reception from the ones I call on. Maybe its at least partly due to the fact that I only call on Daemons when I feel a strong urge or compulsion. Like I’m actually responding to Their invite! Whadaya think? :wink: Z


Wow, Wow…Virdon Djinn.

Somehow I missed your comments above…Your description of that spirit is the first ever spirit I was aware of being with me. Only dif is he has dark hair and no beard. He hardly ever speaks but does convey topics mentally. But he is always levitating and is always dressed in the white attire, white long sleeve and turtle neck shirt, white trousers, white shoes, and sitting in a lotus position …I call him by a different name and when I posted about him here in another topic, I was impressed not to give the name. This one is one of my guardians or watchtowers and comes from the East everytime I do any work…Actually, he impresses me as being the head spirit of all the others that come in the Watchtower call.

I am glad to find your account. Thanks.



My best evocations are when I get what I want.

But I will share something with y’all. About 4 going on 5 years back (damn) I was working with Mr. Belial and at the time, I was also re-reading the Satanic bible. I was revisiting the whole idea of spirit’s being inside of our minds and what not.

So one day while at work( I was a cabby making ‘clean’ money on the side), I parked by my usual haunt and I was snoozing off. I wasn’t fully asleep because it was Brooklyn and I didn’t want to get robbed but I was just enough in where I was tranquil and focusing on those modern philosophies of Luciferianism/Satanism and all the sudden I heard the voice really angry, “I AM NOT A FIGMENT OF YOUR IMAGINATION”- Boom!
Then I hear all these fire engines and cop sirens. And the dispatcher gets on the horn and tells everybody to stay three blocks away from the office- why?
Because a few doors down, across the street, the front facing of a hardware store collapsed into the street and it was bad, really bad.


Hi Maxx,

Very, very interesting to read your comments. Thankyou! Your description of him arriving from the East has been without a doubt the same experience I have had and how cool that you also have seen him in this white colored clothing and levitating in the lotus position. I had never really checked out his sigil or supposed description before I attempted to reach him the other day so this is somewhat validating. I only looked at his sigil last night.

I kind of sensed I wasn’t quite hitting the name right so I will delve into asking this of him myself. I also haven’t seen him speak but convey things mentally to me. I do need more experience with him but so far from what you and Zoe have said it’s looking like I’m having some success. Thanks for sharing, Maxx.


from some info I just found it says his direction is North…and actually the very first time I was aware of him he was appearing to me from the South…But now, as I said, I always find him coming from the East…