Your Battle Hymns selection - what music does overthrowing 'oppression' evokes in you?

I found out that, in order to stand firm in this Cosmos and say what I have to say, one can only find true peace, while being ‘out there’ having a warrior attitude at hand - in order to stand as a King/Queen(?), ready to face anything at any time…;

When you think about overthrowing vile oppression/enslavement, no matter the scale…
what does that evoke in you if you had to bring in your music title? What would be your
Arch-Battle Hymns, or reminders of the goal or best support the spirit of the Quest for liberation and justice? What is your ultimate ‘FY-no more’/ GFY ‘Push Back’ - song in the face of (/ultimate ) adversity you like, have put on or would potentially put on?


Sounds pretty f’ing kickass! :smiley: thanks for sharing!
Thanks everyone beforehand for sharing your songs! ^^ !!! :smiley:
I’ll listen to all of them! ^


Hope you like it

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Honestly speaking, this song does not evoke anything in me but I would definitely choose it as my battle hymn.


Cool topic. I’ve been contemplating battle music lately and I have a couple of odd answers.

Some friends and I are trapped in a small cave on some hostile plane. There are orcy demony fuckers running around a firey wasteland outside. I need to pick the right music to solve the situation.

I like fight music:

But this song has been entertaining me. I guess it’s cheesy, but I imagine saying the first few words and clapping twice and watching this song change the entire scene into an evening beach and the demons into lightly intoxicated party guests. That vision keeps popping into my head when I’m at work. It’s probably from Dionysus

Rotting Christ- Voice of the Universe

When i’ve had enough, all i hear is dead silence.

That’s when people better fucking RUN.

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Probably something from Ahab

No overthrowing. I’ll drown them right away.
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Here are a few:

“Jeremy” by Pearl Jam (against school system/authority & bullies) & “Burn” by NIN (against the world) have been staples of mine for decades.

“Wide Awake” by Audioslave is about Hurricane Katrina, but it’s good for any rage at authority that lets death & destruction happen by turning a blind eye (especially when they profit from it).

“Vow” by Garbage is a good all-purpose one that gets me nice & revved up. “I came around to tear your little world apart… and break your soul apart.”

A lot of NIN (“The Hand that Feeds” comes to mind), Metallica, Linkin Park, & Soundgarden songs can fit the bill.

“Precious Things” by Tori Amos, especially this live version. Look at her when she sings this part: “With them nine-inch nails & little fascist panties tucked inside the heart of every nice girl!” Like a fuckin goddess of rage. :smiling_imp:

And, my favorite, which y’all won’t like cause it’s U2, but I don’t care cause “Bullet the Blue Sky” is a part of my soul. “You plant a demon seed, you raise a flower of fire – see the burning crosses, see the flames higher & higher!”

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