You want to see something really cool?

This here is what happens when you catch the Shining One’s attention because something you are doing effects his own. Now my youngest son had to take this medication made by a company called Mallinckrodt and the name of the medication is Acthar.

In 2000 this medication cost forty bucks $40.00 a vial, by 2018 the company had gouged the price up to forty thousand dollars $40,000 a vial because they are the only company that makes it and people have no choice.

My son required 2 treatments of 3 vials each for a total of 6 vials. Although this didn’t actually effect me much, in fact my insurance paid for the medicine and it was really just a matter of inconvenience that my son and I had to spend so many weeks in hospital getting tests and diagnosis in order to get them to pay it. But it shows me just how much the Shining one is willing to kick ass and take names for the slightest offense and how much displeasure he gets when we are even just indirectly effected by something.

As of Tuesday their stock has plummeted by 34% and are filing for bankruptcy. They are set to pay 1.6 billion dollars over the next 8 years to the federal government and in lawsuits.

So the answer is yes, big corporate money can be brought down to it’s knees, it’s face shoved in the mud and a boot on it’s throat.

If you want to be corrupt and fuck people that’s fine but you better make damned sure it isn’t one of ours or you will get burned. Hail to the Pylon Le Nechash and our Shining One!

This is the medicine.

This is the legal notice we got informing me of that company going belly up.

Hail the Shining One! :metal::sun_with_face:


We definitely stan!


Love it. This is a such a common corrupt practice, I don’t know what is wrong with these people but they need to not exist on our planet. Hail!


That is absolutely fantastic! Thanks for posting this.

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