You stated that you used magic to free yourself but it may come at a price

Hi Koetting
In one of my first videos I watched on your channel was a full seminar where, you stated that the use of magic allows ourselves to gain freedom- but however, by using entities to help you become a living God there is a possibility that you will have to “pay back” in the afterlife what you owe. If this chance were real where you would have to give back what you owed to any sort of entity (and also considering paying this back may take a while), it would therefore mean that those who are considering following your work (as well as myself) may “Become a living God”, but will remain a prisoner of an entity for however long need be. Please correct me if I’m wrong but that would mean that people would become a living God and then become a slave to another entity, in the end leading to people gaining no higher position in life as we would be put back in the same position when we die.

He didn’t agree to any slavery.

And this is based on what, exactly?

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Ahhh, good catch. Puts on reading glasses. :smiley:

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