You Should Probably Treat Dantalion Right

Long long time ago, in a galaxy far away, Nabu was under - I mean… there was this person who I thought was a good friend. They liked a lot of things and were very manipulative. It always bothered me how people fell for her antics and easily believed the biggest bs lies, how her “other” would step out and say all these things, and me being me I realized that a lot of those things were meant to garner attention and hold others down.

A lot happened. So I’ll sum up with in the end we stopped being friends. I lost my family because she convinced my son to bomb threat the school and smeared my name everywhere, and uh… the very last time I spoke with her ever she actually boasted that she was adopting a child - not because she wanted a child, but because it was going to piss her racist family off. She seriously couldn’t wait to show the child off and see their expressions, as if the child were some sort of knick-knack. Currently?

I used to want to adopt. That was MY dream. She hated kids. If you saw how she treated my kids… anyway… never will understand what it is about my personal dreams that attracts folks.

While reading about some things I came across Dantalion and was smacked with - OMG. She was using Dantalion! SO MANY THINGS about that time suddenly MADE SENSE.

So last night as I was laying down - which is when I’m able to reach out the best - I called for Dantalion. I asked her, is this true? Am I right?

It’s hard for me to “See”, right? Well I could sort of see her. She had the face of a clown with a huge barred grin and jagged teeth. A very sharp chin, almost cartoon like, and long wildish matted hair. She didn’t look friendly. She looked… angry. Furious. Ready to kill. But I wasn’t afraid, so it wasn’t at me I’m sure. So I asked her, did my ex-friend follow through considering her personality I remembered? Did she use up Dantalion and when she realized she had to stop because she wanted to adopt or whatever, just throw Dantalion away?

At that point I could see the teeth better. And I got a feeling of, “yes.”

I stroked her face and told her she was a good boy (girl, eh… she knew what I meant) and told her what a good girl, What a good girl.

She calmed down.

So I told Dantalion, did she realize she had the the power to go back and take all those gifts away? To undo all the manipulations and lies and other things?

I wanted the things undone because, well, I lost so much to a so-called friend. It’s only right you know. Eye for an eye and all that. I know Dantalion knew that.

She turned and I could see the bumps of her backbone. She was going to go right then and there, without me even making an offering of what I can give. She’s that mad at how she was cast aside despite all she’d done to help that woman.

So I said Wait! Um! Let me at least offer something! Please make a request of me — but she scurried off. I was seriously calling after her back. LOL She’s gone to undo some things and set things to right. She’s mad. She’s so. So. Mad.

I don’t see the daemon folk the way a lot of people do, and that’s just who I am. I see them as people who live a little sideways. I give them honor and I thank them. I “feed” them with meditations and energies, and if they want to just sit and have a cup of tea to hang out and chat I’m all for it. So many other people see them as “the help” or less and, well, when you treat anyone like that they don’t really like it.

But seriously? I hope Dantalion gives that b**ch whatfor. And then some.

I’ll try to draw how I saw her in a while.


""if they want to just sit and have a cup of tea to hang out and chat I’m all for it. “”

That’s a relief, spirits aren’t all business you guys!!!


smacks forehead while brushing teeth

OH! I get it! She felt like a clown!!!



So if a Demon fells like shit, will they… literally look like shit?


Let us know how it all worked out for you


Truth is I may never know what happens to her. I ended up blocking her husband from ever finding me again (we used to work together) and don’t want her near me. I suppose I could put out a call “tell me when shite goes down” or something. I’m good at that one.



I do this to. If I’m having coffee, or booze, listening to music, I always invite any that want to come ‘n chill ‘n share what I have. Light a random candle for them.


I’m going to try this and see who shows up.


Curious who does.

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I’d make sure to invite demons you have a good relationship with, or have at least made contact with at some point and got good vibes instead of opening the door to whatever wants to come in. You may get a nasty entity that does the kinds of things demons are often wrongly blamed for. Never forget who and what you’re dealing with and don’t take them lightly.


Not to worry, I know how to keep out unfriendly beings :grin: