You guys should definitely

Make an international area…to post in other languages…seems that there are some persons who dont speak english

I can see your point, however, BALG was started here in America…an English speaking country.

Plus, from a business perspective if just may cost more to do things such as you suggest than it’s worth financially.

These are realities of commerce friends.


i dont get why people just dont learn english…
so much easier to just use one universal language?

[quote=“queasy, post:3, topic:1416”]i dont get why people just dont learn english…
so much easier to just use one universal language?[/quote]

From what I’ve heard English is one of the most difficult languages to learn, but since it was what I was raised on I can’t really say for certain.

That is not what i have heard…Maybe Chinese… or even Portuguese…English ? Quite easy…

Language is the new virus

This is America, we speak English… If you don’t speak English fuck you

That’s very polite…hope you never get to visit my country :wink:

If its so easy why do you struggle with it so often?

English is the most complicated and hardest language to learn.

There should just be a translate option that translates everything into the specified language. The person could post in their native language and read everything in their native language and everyone who doesn’t speak their language just has the page translated to their language of preference and everyone understands each other. Much like Google Chrome’s translate page option.

Take note Timothy. It would help a ton.

I dont struggle with it, actually i feel pretty fine with my level of English, you though on the other hand seem pretty worried with perfection, when such thing does not exist.

vai tomar no cu!

Ja fui :stuck_out_tongue:

I dont think english is hard to learn. Was pretty easy.
Also my friends that have bad english are not having problems to understand Works of Darkness.

Im pretty sure those asian languages are way more with those scratches language, or mad portuguese grammar.

What would help for real is SUBTITLES on the video courses.
The words or phrases they dont understand by listening, they will be able to translate or search on google, etc for the meaning.

E vai tomar no cú, Sunas. Anekesha também vai tomar no cú.

My mothertongue is Dutch, second language French, third German, fourth English, plus a bit of Spanish. Out of all of the foreign languages I learned, English was the easiest. It has by far the easiest verb conjugations of all, and I could go on and on about the grammar, why English diminutives are easy, why sentence construction is easy. Only with regards to spelling the Scandinavian languages are even easier as they are virtually completely phonetic.

So, like Divinator already mentioned, try learning Mandarin, and then come back complaining about English.

Internet translations are a joke. They hardly take into account varying sentence structures, aphorisms, nor the subtle nuances. They are merely good for a rough translation after which a human translator makes the corrections and interpretations.

Adding an international section would diminish the sharing of knowledge and interaction with the ENTIRE forum, which is -in my opinion- what this forum is all about. You are shutting yourself off from the knowledge of other English speaking members if you create a separate section as they sure won’t be able to jump in in on your conversations.

Plus, if you don’t know English, how are you going to read EA’s books and work with them? Have they been published in languages other than English?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for spreading the knowledge in all languages, but the source here is English and it’s already a challenge at times to be able to read between the lines of EA’s material, even if you are well versed in English. It would be pretty terrible if any of this material blew up in people’s faces because of shabby translations. Please learn the nuances from the native English speakers and if you’re not sure: ASK, that’s what a forum is for.

good points kyra

Importa por que?

I’ve only seen a portuguese version of “Kingdoms of Flame”, but obviously it’s not official.

Hey John Dee liked Fernando Pessoa for some reason