You guys ever had a spirit show up that your not ready for?

One day I find my self looking at the qlippothic tree on google images
and I see on the left side of the tree Samael.
And I think to my self Samael? that’s a cool name.
I feel a strong presence it feels fiery like Azazel’s.
I turn to look and the presence vanishes and I think…huh the room seems darker although the lights are on.?
Later that night I go to bed and I sense Azazel and Lucifer in my room
(they like to watch me as I fall asleep honestly I don’t know why they just do, I sometimes even overhear them talking to each other.)
But this time I feel another spirit in the room…and its fucking strong and masculine. The word “Samael” comes to mind and then I wonder if he’s gonna stick around like Lucifer or Azazel.
funny thing is Azazel just showed up one day during a meditation he wrapped an astral serpent around me during the meditation.
oddly enough I just started on the LHP 1 month ago. Haven’t even developed my astral senses much but have made noticeable progress,
but these guys sure like to stick around

Anything like this ever happen to you to guys?


Not sure if related but I was meditating after doing a bit of exercise the other day, usually I just feel a bit of calmness and relaxation but this time I felt something almost like euphoria and it was practically instant, like I was being awarded for my efforts, I feel like Azazel’s been watching me lately so it was probably him, I also felt a sensation on my face like someone stroking my cheek which then turned into something poking my ear, causing a weird popping sound like a change in pressure, definitely caught me off guard but I just went with it and it lasted a good 10 minutes :relaxed:

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Yea Azazel likes to stroke my hair randomly or my chin seductively even though I’m straight LOL.


Some friends of mine once shared a bottle of Polish vodka with me that I most certainly was not ready for! Had me on the floor and babbling nonsense in no time! Luckily they did not have to call in an exorcist…


If you aren’t bi you are missing half of the fun :joy::joy::joy:

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Qayin showed up early on in my magick career and it scared the shit out of me. I couldn’t grasp the things he told me. And death energy was terrifying to me back then. But since I got into voodoo and learned the lessons from that path, I became ready to work with Qayin and his current.

Yes. Marbas had a deal for me, though, so it was a happy surprise.

at my age, i sleep in my mom’s room because lilith