You got a bone to pick with me?!

Starting Monday Dec. 1st I’ll be offering Sangoma style bone readings at my store. To celebrate I’ll be offering 10 free readings here to the first 10 posters, a $10 value for free. All I ask is that you leave feedback in the thread and tell me and everyone else what you think.

If you’d like a picture of your reading just add your email to your reply when I pm you to find out the situation you’d like me to read about. Your picture will resemble the picture below.

These types of readings are excellent for looking into a situation and bringing to light that which wasn’t seen, as well as just being a fun reading and not something generally offered. These are not a reading for a yes/no answer or “What will my dream lover look like?” kind of questions but are better suited for readings regarding how a situation is effecting you, what should you be aware of etc.


I want one!!! =)

Edit : December the 1st is my birthday!

Might as well reserve a spot, dunno what I’ll ask about right now though

I would like to have one. Thanks.

I want in if possible :wink:

You again?!..well allright :slight_smile:

Mind if I have another?

Hey TWF, I would love to have a reading done. Thanks!

I’ll step up to the plate if it’s not too late

I’d love one if they’re still available. :slight_smile: My circumstances have changed dramatically and I have a problem I need to deal with. I’ve done my own divinations… but I may or may not have done something to set the board askew. I’d like to have a second opinion.


I mean… if still possible =)

TWF…Me again, lmao! My psychic senses told me to log in at the right time, or maybe it was Miss Cleo, lol…Do you remember her commercials years ago?

Hey TWF I’d like one if you have space left.


You beat Miss Cleo any day!

If you haven’t gotten your reading I’ll have them done tomorrow. Happy Thanksgiving BALG crew.

Hell! Your reading was Tha Best TWF ! Thankz a Lot!!!

I trust it 100% and i know it is gonna happen!! =) YAA

My Reading from TWF:

"The major things that stood out to me was an arrowhead laying up against a doll arm which was grabbing a coyote claw with an overturned catseye shell. The arrow head points to an enemy or attacker, the doll arm reaching for a coyote claw points to someone trying to deceive you. The catseye shell is a sign of being watchful in the position of being overturned tells me your unaware of the situation. Off to the side was a piece of turquoise laying next to a gator claw, the gator claw is ones “money grabber” it is being protected by the turquoise, this tells me that your job is not in danger.

All in all be on the lookout for deception and people looking to undermine or walk on you especially if your looking for a promotion or to advance. Your job is safe and secure at this time. That’s about all I got as a general reading. "

Spot on. You’re gunna love this! I had a confrontation with my supervisor today who tried to take the piss out of me and undermine me in front of my other colleagues. I reacted instantly turning him into a whimpering little girl. He knows his place now. I had no idea this was coming, so the deception part is correct as well.

Also this occurred about two hours from when you sent this message and I didn’t get online until I got home from work. So I haven’t been influenced by the reading at all, you’re simply spot on as usual.

Thanks again TWF.

Cool man. Thanks for sharing, that made my day.

TWF, thanks for the reading, it was again accurate as always, can’t you just screw up so I can go against the status quo? You are making me a conformist! WTF! Lmao, just kidding, keep up the amazing work :slight_smile: I need to rectify the situation discussed, going to think upon the readings from the last week and then strike…