You Can't Start A Fire Without A Spark...Or Can You?

I have worked 2 successful love/lust spells in my time. In both cases, I knew the target was attracted to me, but needed that extra push. The 1st one thought me too young at 18 (man, I wish I still had that problem) and the 2nd was married.
I am curious to know whether anyone has had success with a target who was indifferent to, or even hated you. I know there are spirits who can create something out of nothing and those who can change someone’s mind or heart. I’d like to hear of any such 1st hand experience.

based on the assumption that spells work , I don t see why not. You can get a stranger to notice you There are plenty of spells here or even meditation .

I know a lot of Paleros and Santeros. They all tell me that the person has to have a little attraction to the person for it to work. Like if the person hates you. Doing a love spell isn’t going to make them have sex with you out of no where. I think magic makes the Iprobable more likely. Not the impossible. I think a lot of people on here are full of shit saying they can do that. But if your telling the truth please teach me.

So you’ve never had sex with someone you hate? The 2 aren’t mutually exclusive

I was just makeing an example. If I hate someone I can’t have sex with them. but I’m trying to say of the target is repulsed by you there’s no amount of magic in the world to get them to fuck you.

Yes, i have great experience in this. But in all cases i never targeted any woman specifically, i just let the Goddess choose someone for me. All women were people i knew due to us being in same uni classes, e.t.c but they were all indifferent to me at first.The ritual changed everything.

So i have to say yes…it is very possible to start a fire without a spark.