You Believe Someone's Spirit Is Talking To You

I think most people here are sensitive and have abilities. I think this forum is a gateway itself. Some of us can exprience other timelines or past lives with this current one.

If you think my other selves or whatever is connected to you please know that I am only focus one spiritual realtionship at a time. And be nice in your pms. to me or to other people if you think my spirit is talking to you.

I am extremely, extremely Awaken, but even with that my focus is limited. I am with Mr. Midnight for the time being.

My advice if you truly believe someone’s other self is talking to you in dreams or visions or whatever else, just nicely ask them. They may say no. Leave it alone. Or ask that other person if they be down to explore what’s going on. If they say no, let it go. They are probably ignoring that space/time for their private reasons.

You may be in that space, but they are not. You just have accept they are not and move on or just ignore them. Even though its hard to do.


Solid advice.

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I could… but that would just be fulfilling the pattern of all my relationships to date and leave me hang man.

What could be more important anyways? The world is like a sinking ship right now, how can I let that go and focus on the mundane and not seek to have everything I dream or at least answers to my burning questions, to ignore about the only thing I wish to be doing in this time before it’s too late.

From what I see with my past lives with him we have some issues in our on going relationships from life time to life time, but so? It is this time and culture that seeks to give up on a relationship at every drop off, and when we awake in the future, in the culture that … basically is to be at this point… along with our problems and all the other omens, we would be stuck in one version of hell or another and if it is on Earth… it really isn’t going to be pretty, it’s going to be right shitty! Then we will end up in hell and he will be… “My wife” as Satan put it. I have the funniest feeling I have more reason and will to not let it go, and boy would that be sad if I had to, a magician who doesn’t even control my own domain to think and feel the things I desperately seek to think and feel about.

Sorry I feel a bit defensive that hit home for me a little much!
I can’t help but wonder if this Mr. Midnight fellow is the same guy, if so lets just share him already lol.

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Mr. Midnight is far, far future distant version of someone here. He is helping me, and I him. This is/was his first human lifetime.

He loves to dance. If you want to honestly speak with him try one of your future lives. I get you already know him there. Tango his favorite dance.


Yeah it probably isn’t him, it sounds like you have a neat story too.
Your not from Canada by any chance are you?
Ha why ask, the guy I’m talking about had many lifetimes with me,
it seems going back 20k plus years or pretty sure at least since the middle ages,
the stuff before than is really blurry to say the least.