You are always connected to the void

Preface - I’m very new to the LHP and have been primarily concentrating on developing my astral senses thru meditation, sigil opening (Lucifer), words of power and reciting his enn. Asking only that he guide/help me in opening and developing my astral senses to better my abilities to communicate with the other side of the veil.

My searching and information mining on BALG brought me to @AdamThoth 's void meditation. Which even though I had to adjust (I’m aphantasic and visualizing suns and stairs requires concentration that is distracting for me.) is F%$#ing awesome. Thank you Adam.

So on or about the 10th day of working this as I descending into the void. I suddenly felt filled with something. It came in with a feeling of WHOOOMPH…I know…but that’s the best word I have to describe it. It was instantaneous and full body. And I was deeper than I had ever been.

All I could think of was ‘this feels nice, I wish I could connect like this more often and easily’. At that point the below in it entirety flashed into my head. Got the urge this evening that I must share it, so here it is.

You are always connected to the void by the space in every atom that makes up every cell that make up the organism that make up the body that is you.

This space is what connects the body and brain to the greater minds in, of and outside of yourself.

This space between the atoms of your skin connects you to the space in the atoms of the atmosphere around you and outwards to the space in every atom in every sentient, non-sentient, and other matter in this universe, dimension and beyond.

Everything is information meets energy. (This i believe I have heard before, just can’t remember where or from whom)

This is the space into which we invoke the energies and bring in the information, in the form of intent, to manifest our will!

Thank you Lucifer. Thank you Void.


Congratulation on your experience! It sounds similar to one of my epiphanies, although mine came quite suddenly during not meditation but intense philosophical reflection. I suddenly realized I was a collective of the same units that made up the whole universe. I felt like the whole world was a scale-up of me, and none of my own problems was real because I was a part of something far greater and permanent, and I was still in it. The air seemed to me dense and the walls seemed transparent, and I felt greatly empowered. It was but for a moment, but it was quite memorable.


Congratulation on your experience. I’ve also had similar insights about this.


“You stare at the void and the void stares back”


Can you please tell me where am I find instructions for this void meditation? Couldn’t find in search option , thanks :pray:

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Don’t worry I found it :blush:

The ego cannot die [it can only change], so why would the aspect of the void be able to die. The archetypes of the mind are permanent structures that we all find too much trouble in an attempting to leave behind when in reality they must be manifested and blended into our constantly changing psyche.

We are nothing more than creatures based on symbology.

To put it bluntly - There is no escape from absence just as there is no acceptance of presence.

It’s a strange universe we’ve found ourselves in but I am glad you’ve seen that the void is a constant part of your reality, a lot of people never figure that bit out because they’re too busy trying to remove themselves from it.