Yogas to attain powers!

Here I would like to share some interesting thing about yogas!
The yoga is divided into 8 facets or branches and it is called Ashtanga Yoga.
The 8 yogas are 1. Yama (discipline); 2.Niyama (purification of the self/physical body of any negative energy or programming); 3. Asana (different postures to attain health and peace of mind); 4. Pranayama (way of breath, charging the otherwise dormant prana/chi when taken into your body and how to charge it); 5. Pratyahara (withdrawing one’s fickle mind from external factors); 6. Dharana (one pointed focus upon your desired outcome or a thing, concentration and getting into alpha level); 7. Dhyana (deep meditation upon the desired object or one pointed focus upon the desired outcome, getting into theta level); 8. Samadhi (getting into the deepest level, aka delta level, uniting with the object of the meditation).
Now, I would like to specifically focus upon the last three limbs/branches of the yoga.
When the last three branches are combined, you get what is known as “Samyama”.
When you attain Samyama while focusing upon a particular object, let’s say a stone, you will become one with the stone and will understand it’s life history, ie. How it was formed ages ago, it’s shape, it’s structure and how it travelled from one place to another.
This is just an example. The principles of yoga have been written down by an ancient seer called Patanjali in the forum of sutras and has been passesd down for generations…
For example, Samyama upon the word “wisdom”, gives you the qualities of wisdom such as wiseness, greater understanding of the truth and the ability to descern what is true.
You can learn more about what you can attain through Samyama from here…


As a follow up now, I would like to elaborate upon each and every branches of Yoga.
1.) Yama is the discipline. One of the most and foremost is the WILL POWER and motivation to attain the extraordinary. Yama describes this will. Remember Rome was not built in a day. Similarly we must have patience to see the result of the Yoga in our body as well as on our external environment. Yama describes how we must practice continuously on a daily basis without a gap at a certain moment of time. This time can be anytime but you must follow that particular time after you start. The ideal time is during the morning when the sun rises because it is said that the early rays of the sun has magical qualities and the prana/chi energy is freshly charged by the sun at that moment. This chi energy particularly contains the Yang(Masculine) energy because of the sun.
Some people practice yoga during the night because of the moon(However you must never practice yoga after having food/breakfast/launch/dinner. You need to wait at least 4-5 hrs). When you practice Yoga during the night, the prana has dominant Yin(Feminine) energy.

In Tantrayana/Kundalini, energy is divided into two basic types, Male(Yang/Shiva) and Female(Yin/Shakti). Both are equally important and one cannot exist without the other. The Yang energy is GIVING, WARMTH/HOT, ACTIVE, SUN, DAY, LIGHT, SPIRIT, etc and the Yin energy is TAKING, COOLNESS/COLD, PASSIVE, MOON, NIGHT, DARK, MATTER. It has been said that when these two energy dance in unison, CREATION takes place. (CREATION = anything such as tulpa, circumstances, life, anything that has mass, etc.) We humans and animals and or any life forms regardless of their sex contains equal amount of male and female energies in our body but we are unaware of it and only differentiate with physical sex attributes.

However, this is Yama, the code of discipline to follow while performing Yoga!!

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Hi!! Guys, Sorry for the delay because, I was busy with office work.
Now, today I’m going to give an important exercise for the 2nd Limb of Yoga called NIYAMA.
So, without going into theory, I’ll give you all an exercise to perform, because theories will be boring to most of the people :). Lets go.

This exercise will purify our physical body and all the meridians that is connected with each and every parts of our body. Its called NADI SHODANA (loosely translates to PURIFICATION OF MERIDIANS, where prana/chi/life force runs in and out). It is a preparatory practice to awaken Kundalini Shakti. It’s like warming and preparing the body before playing… lol

#1. Sit in a meditative posture. You can sit in half lotus position or full lotus position or thunder-bolt position or you can sit on a chair, if you’re not comfortable with lotus positions. The only thing that you need to keep in mind is that your spinal cord should be straight and not bent, otherwise it’ll restrict the flow of prana into your body, which is not good and thereby will create complications in the near future when your Kundalini starts awakening…because your body is not prepared properly. Take caution.

#2. Keep your RING finger, LITTLE finger and THUMB extended, while roll/bend your INDEX and MIDDLE finger and then close your eyes.

#3. Gently close your right nostril with your thumb and keep your left nostril open. At this moment, DO NOT give any attention to any external noise or anything else that will disturb your concentration. Now, INHALE through your LEFT NOSTRIL slowly and gently (DON’T FORCE IT).
While inhaling, chant “OM” internally in your mind. Imagine that your body is the microcosm of the greater macrocosmic universe and there is nothing outside; not even vacuum that extends from your skin surface. Feel that you’re the ultimate Universe and all things above is within you. Let the chant of “OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM” echo thorughout your body, internal organs and even at the atomic level such as your DNA.
Also visualize that the prana you are inhaling is getting charged with this primordial sound and making your each and every cells vibrate in its frequency.

#4. Now, pause at the top of the inhalation for 2-3 seconds and then close your left nostril with your ring finger and allow your thumb to move to the side. You can accomplish this by twisting your wrist. and then, Completely EXHALE (slowly and gently) thorugh the RIGHT nostril. While exhaling, chant “HRIM” internally in your mind and follow the above step #3 while chanting internally. Let it be a long “HHHHHHHHHHHHHHRRRRRRRRRRRRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMMMMMMMMMMM”. REMEMBER, DO NOT MAKE A PHYSICAL SOUND THAT CAN BE HEARD.

#5. Maintain your hand in the same position, and now, breathe in through the RIGHT nostril; gently and slowly. While inhaling, chant mentally “HAM”, just like above. (ie. HHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMM). wait for 2-3 seconds.

#6. Close off your right nostril and open your left nostril, by twisting your wrist again. Completely EXHALE through the LEFT nostril gently and slowly. While exhaling, chant long “SA”.

#7. Maintain your hand in the same position and now, inhale thorugh the right nostril. Mentally chant long “SO”. wait 2-3 seconds.

#8. Twist your wrist and then close your right nostril. completely exhale slowly and gently through your right nostril and then while exhaling, chant long “HUM”.

#9. Maintain your hand postion and then inhale through your right nostril and then chant long “SWA”.

#10. Twist your wrist and then close the right nostril and exhale it through the left nostril gently and slowly. While exhaling chant long “HA”. This marks the end of one round of this exercise.
Note that you started inhaling from the left nostril and ended exhaling from the left nostril as well. If you end up chanting the last primordial sound “HA” through the right nostril then you are doing it wrong.

Do this 10-15 rounds every morning or evening or midnight, which ever energy you choose more. But be sure to do it in empty stomach. If you had lunch/breakfast/dinner then, wait for atleast 5 hours before doing the exercise.

P.S. This exercise when done with self-devotion and concentration will immediately shift your consciousness and will also improve your health.
Try it to believe [:


Hello once again!! Kundalini lovers. Here I am again with a new another tantric yoga exercise for Niyama. This exercise is a very important one to shake the meridians to prepare it for psychic energies. It is called "Antar Naad mudra."
Before proceeding, I would like to tell you that in Tantra, our body is given great preference more than anything else because, it is the vessel where you can harness the power to change reality. It has been said that even the spirits and the Gods envy our physical body.
Our body is a temple of unimaginable power and when utilized it fully, you can bring the world under your feet. Our body is the Universe expressing itself for a short period of time. Realize that everything that you’ve ever heard of ever seen is all within you…
The history of the beginning of the Universe from the big bang is all imprinted within your cells because we have come from the stars. It has been scientifically proven that we are born from star-dust. To give birth to us, the stars had to die, it has to go super-nova because the atoms in our body(such as carbon, nitrogen, etc) can only be formed when stars go Super nova(The most powerful explosions in the Universe.) and… when you realize this, you have taken a first step towards omnipotence.
The most Astounding Fact by Astrophysicist, Neil deGrasse Tyson -->

So, let us start, let us connect with the Universe through his-her own energy. Let us awaken each and every atoms of our body and that they are no different than the atoms of the Sun, the Moon, the Earth, the Stars, the Sky, the Sea. Let us tell them that we are an awakened consciousness and that we are the witness of this magnificient design.

–>Sit in a lotus position or on a chair with straight spine. Now, put your hands in a prayer position at the navel point. Close your eyes.

–>Now, start moving your hand upwards slowly still keeping it in the prayer position and simultaneously start chanting :
As you pass the Heart Chakra, begin to open your hand as if a flower/lotus is blooming slowly while still moving your hand in upward direction. When your wrist reaches the 3rd eye point, the hand should totally bloom. Note that the base of the palm(wrist) should touch each other and the little fingertips touch each other and the thumb tips touch each other. Stop at that point. Also the “SA RUNG” part of the mantra should be at this moment.

–>Now, turn the fingers to point down, with the back of the hands touching, as in a reverse prayer pose. Slowly descend your hand in this position while chanting :
HAR RUNG. until you reach the navel chakra, on the chant of “HAR RUNG”.
Again flip your hand to the prayer position and continue.

–>This kundalini yoga is the key to opening the flow of Kundalini.

If you are confused about the mantra, here’s a you tube link :
male version :
female version : <starts @03:45>

P.S. : You can put your headphones and chant along while performing the yoga too…

~Enjoy and Blessings.


–>The first chakra(Muladhara/Root) has only one location/place/region/surface(Ksetram) and is located at the base of our spinal cord (For males, its at the perineum and for females, its at the cervix). Exact location is coccygeal region of our spinal cord.
–>The second chakra(Svadishthana/Sacral) is located above and behind the genitals. The anterior ksetram is located just above the genitals.
–>The third chakra(Manipura/Solar Plexus) is located in the lumbar region, as the same level as the belly-button. The anterior ksetram is therefore at the navel.
–>The fourth chakra(Anahata/Heart) is located at the dorsal region. The anterior ksetrumis the point opposite on the sternum.
–>The fifth chakra(Vishuddhi/Throat) is located at the thyroid level, where the neck joins the shoulders. The anterior ksetram is in the front at the base of the neck.
–>The sixth chakra(Ajna/3rd eye) is located at the top of the spinal cord, where the spine and the brain meet. The posterior ksetrum of this chakra is located at the depression where the skull meets at the back of the neck. The anterior ksetram is located at “Brumadhya”, the point between the eyebrows…NOT AT THE FOREHEAD.
–>The seventh chakra is located at the topmost region of the skull and spreads throughout. Its top most is called the “Bregma” (aka. Anterior fontanelle). Sahasrara is more complex and is difficult to locate.

  • See the diagram *

===>Now, assume a meditative posture, close your eyes and take 4-5 deep long breaths.
–>Now don’t focus on anything in particular; forget about your breath. Transfer your consciousness in the main ksetram of Muladhara and there chant long “ONG” mentally, loud (not “OM”), as in OOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGG and feel the vibration(feel free to imagine red color or bright red light emanating…).

–>After chanting one long “ONG”, move your consciousness from Muladhara to Svadishthana and chant long “ONG” from there and move upwards and repeat at each centers.

–>After you reach, the upper Sahasrara, continue moving your consciousness towards anterior ksetrams downwards (SEE DIAGRAM marked with green pen) and keep chanting long “ONG” at each anterior ksetrams, until you reach the Muladhara, which is the final point. Congragulations, you just made 1 round. Now do 5-6 rounds daily to get the feel of where your chakra is located. As time goes by and, if you’re following Yama, you’ll definitely be familiar with the actual location of the chakras inside your body.

P.S. >> Sorry for a messy diagram … :V
~Enjoy and Blessings.

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UJJAYI BREATH <<<<<<<<<<<<
Now, this is the last of the exercises that I’m going to write under the Niyama section(The 2nd Branch). It is very effective in purifying the body. It is called Ujjayi or the Ocean Breath.
It is a very simple yogic exercise but a powerful one.
–>Sit in a padma position or any position which is comfortable to you but please remember your back(spine) should be very straight.
–>Keep your hand in “Gyan Mudra” by resting your wrist on the folded knees.
–>Close your eyes and lips. Now, try to breathe in with your throat not with your nose but be sure you take in the air through your nose.
–>When you breathe in through your throat, the breath will be making a deep throaty “SHEEEEE” sound from within. (Normally when you breath in through the Nose, you make a shrill “SHEEEE” sound).
–>Breath slowly and gently and when you have taken enough, retain it for some time and then breath out slowly from the throat not from your nose (You will be hearing a deep throaty “SAAAAAAAAAA”).
–>Do this breathing exercise for 10-15 minutes along with the above exercises daily, (if you are practising it sincerely :-] ).
–>Please remember that you need to concentrate on your breath all the time during the practice.

Next time I’ll move to Asana.
~Regards and Blessings.

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Hi!!! Everyone,

Continuing to post on my Yoga thread:

->Another thing which is considered a gem in Yoga is the “Khechari Mudra”. It is one of the best mudra to quickly put you into an alpha state.
As you practice this mudra more and more, it will be possible to enter into the theta state as well.

It has been said that once every 24 hrs, an amruta or the nectar from our Sahasra chakra will get dropped into our body. You dont usually know when but if we want a continuous flow (although in a very very tiny amounts) we have to perform Khechari Mudra.
It is a very simple practice but very hard to master.
It goes like this:
=> Roll back your tongue and try to touch the uvula with the tip of your tongue. If you are doing it for the first time, the membrane below your tongue will not let your tongue go further and you may not touch the uvula but, that’s okay. As time passes and if you regularly perform this practice, it will eventually stretch.
Some yogis try to cut that membrane but I’m against this. Everything has to go according to the time. There are no shortcuts :slight_smile:

=> Sit in a lotus or half lotus position or in a chair but make sure your back is straight. Close your eyes. Perform the Khechari Mudra and try to utter / chant any Bija (seed) one syllable mantra in your mind. It can be HAAAAA, HUUUUMMM, KLIIIIIIMMMM, OMMMMM, TAMMMMMM, TRIIIIIIIIM, HRRRIIIIIMMMM, AAHHHHH, etc. Choose anyone and stick to that.
Simultaneously, you can perform Shambhavi Mudra.

=> Make this mudra as your daily practice. You can perform this mudra in your daily meditation. It will enhance you meditation.
This mudra will help you in astral travel or OBEs.

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You are back.

That is some dedication like I haven’t seen.

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Thanks @Epsilon_The_Imperial:slight_smile:

I would like to share whatever I know to BALG community as these might be helpful to many members.

I was really very busy, so couldn’t post much. However, If I get time, I’ll definitely continue to post.

Thanks and Regards,


Do you know of techniques to put a person into deep delta state?

I know that Yoga Nidra does this, and there are Western brain-science techniques, but what can you share?

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@Epsilon_The_Imperial: I have PM’d you.