Yoga or tai chi

Since you’re clearly typing, and making a scene out of this. Please provide us with your master’s lineage.

I pay him half the national minimum wage hourly rate and there’s only 5 of us in the class :wink:

That tells me he’s doing it for the love of it unless I’m very much mistaken.

Please tell me what his lineage is, his Daoist lineage that is? Or is he the Tai Chi version of those hot Yoga instructors?

Wu family - he learnt from the son of the original master. He regularly refreshes/updates with the granddaughter who lives here in the UK as the son lives back back in China (and is a bit old!).

Ah, so it’s from a lineage barely a 100 years old, disconnected from Daoism, and watered down from the Chen style, with no esoteric significance. Seems like a waste of time, but as long as you enjoy it.

Secondly, he has no Daoist lineage, I thus have nothing I seek to learn from him. When you preach to people about the recommendations of YOUR master, don’t be surprised when they tell you to stick it.

Thanks for answering my question. Have a pleasant day.

OK carry on learning from your book then!

I will, or, you know, I can learn from an actual immortal. :+1:

tell me more about your experience

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Hol up, tai chi is better than yoga in my opinion, but understand it isnt an easy thing to learn tai chi.
Tai chi is a year long commitment at least to see results and probably a good teacher.
Try qigong. qigong easier than tai chi.
Qigong is actually the energetic aspect of tai chi and is simpler to learn without a teacher

No, Pranayama is specially done to increase Prana/Chi in the body. And yes, the mind is used to direct Chi flow, how else would you Awaken the Kundalini? Chi is the gross form of subtle Kundalini energy. Don’t confuse commericialsed yoga with spiritual Hatha yoga.

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If we compare right hand paths then yes. The left hand path of hatha yoga is still secretive, its wayy more overpowered. It is reserved for adepts
only. You could try researching Vajroli, a secretive Hatha yoga practice.

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Goes to hit up google for terms she’s never seen. <I’m like a cat, curious in anything supposedly secret lmao.

let me give a brief description, this may not be on Google. It is taught to both males and females. The practitioner is taught how to suck up liquids through their respective reproductive organs. The liquids get progressively heavier - water, oil , honey and finally treated mercury. The benefits are immeasurable. A man adept in Vajroli doesn’t have to ejaculate and could go as long as he wants during sex. If he has sex with an unsuspecting woman the orgasm will be so powerful she will either turn into a nyphomaniac or averse to sex. The resulting shock might reduce her lifetime period due to weakening of the body. ( Which is why Vajroli adepts don’t do this ) The same benefits a woman gets. More advanced forms of this practice requires practitioners to exchange bodies with their partner. The mental body experiences female orgasms while physical body experiences male orgasms or vice versa. This is actually a preliminary practice to the Bhairavi Sadhana, supposed to be one of the most difficult spiritual practices.


depends if you like flowing movement or static movement. i prefer movement like tai chi as life is motion. There’s also qi gong which have standing and sitting posture ,however, that’s supplement cultivating qi/chi to your tai chi. You need both. they are integral to improvement. It’s a life long practice not yearly. Tai chi will help you better in the long run because of the movements fine tune the body. Static body postures isn’t enough to cover the whole spectrum . If you do the forms of tai chi, you eventually go through the whole body and not just parts.

Yes you can learn from books. That’s old school thinking. There are videos to get the flow movements. If you have background in martial arts, even easier or even if you study kinesiology as you learn how all range of body movement. It just takes longer to learn from books and dedication to progress. These days pictures show many angles so you can learn from it. The old books have lack of pictures so you can’t learn from it. modern books have many pictures different angles and above/below view. I’ve learned many things from books. . It’s doable. have to be a self learner though. some people just can’t figure certain things out themselves. they need guidiance step by step.

All tai chi is the same. they follow same principles. The difference is their focus. some for health energy, some for fighting energy. some for healing etc… It all depends on your goal. It all comes down to same principles just different path of learning those principles.

I’m a certified teacher in Yoga, Qigong and Tai chi (Yang style) so feel free to ask me anything here.

I started with yoga and think this is better for beginners, but I now prefer Qigong the most as it’s about the more subtle manipulation and use of your energy body. Tai chi is more advanced and a bit like a ceremonial ritual dance, invoking the universal Yin & yang in the most complex of ways.

I would use yoga to unlock your chakras and nadis and getting your body prepared a bit, then move on to Qigong and taichi so that you actually can control this energy.

I like to do some yoga in the morning for energy, stretching and strength, then some Tai chi for loosening the boy and mind and collecting energy. Then I end it with more subtle Qigong where I use this energy to build on my auric field, connect to the energy realm, manifest, or heal and balance certain body parts.

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Ah, I saw something about this in a mantak chia book. I didnt know what style until now!
Thank you this sounds like something Id like to learn