Yoga for exercise

I was wondering if there is a difference between mainstream yoga done for fitness/relaxation and yoga for spirituality.

Yes, it’s like the difference between relaxing on the beach doing nothing and doing meditation on the beach to move and develop your energy.


Yes. “Mainstream” soccer mom yoga generally ignores the aspect of prana/chi, and the deities, focusing mostly on the asana and meditation. Sometimes it includes pranayama, sometimes it does not, depending on the teacher.

Real Hatha Yoga is actually a vast practice, with mantra, meditation, asana, and energy cultivation, included.


Imma research the terms you’ve used tommorrow

I think there’s like 8 different yogas

Indeed I just remembered how Evola wrote that Hatha Yoga means “violent Yoga, and absolutely not physical yoga” i. e. in its original and true form it’s about Asanas, yes, but also Pranayama, Chakra work, Mantras and the awakening of Kundalini.