Yo there, Shaman here

As you should know Shamans prospects from growing their spirituality. I’m kind bored so I will join here and stay little longer.

I need help reaching my demonic brothers to help me grow physically ( like you say he want to make magics and put them in people to control some areas etc )

Nothing mean but simple.

Also I’m interested into contacting the worst Alienz because I’m sure they need my help like I need their ( immortality, time+dimensional travel)

This is Mean but complex.

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Where Are you from?

Do you have any practical experience in magic? You haven’t given much information other than the title indicating your a shaman.

If so, what is it that you do you practice, and how long have you practiced it?

This is important information to include in your introduction, as it helps us to provide appropriate advice and direction, so please answer the questions.


I have no experience in magic, but I made some accidental dissapearing and reappearing. that is not problem, the problem is i need something like voodoo magic.

I didnt practiced anything im born like Shaman I know I have powers to contact dead,demons,angels but the simple question is, where i can find some really valuable tutorials?

For voodoo you won’t. The best reference material I’ve found is probably e.a. Koettings book the spider and the green butterfly which is available on kindle unlimited.

My issue with it is despite supposed blind removal it’s… accurate but still makes it sound like there are more necessary things to the current than there is.

If your just interested in basic summoning of demons- the simpler the method the more effective I’ve found it. There are several evoking/invoking guides on this forum that could aid you there. If voodoo/ the loa is truly something your interested in I can send you a pm.

The challenge with the loa is finding the way without reliable resources- simply few exist. The information you can find on google and the like for the individual spirits of the current isn’t totally inaccurate, base descriptions of appearance and personalities tend to jive, but the path to working with them is heavily influenced by the voodoo religion which is not necessary to work with the spirits. In fact I would highly recommend against using the path workings you might find on them based on my own experiences.

I did my job. Now I need the time and dimensional travel to accomplish my mission like human but demigod (can’t reveal but signature is pretty)

Eni vidi vici ( holy seeker who gonna change the world )

Better for some worse for some but the main purpose is I’m here to do lot of job for God plus enjoy with my demons.

welcome to BALG. Please feel free to check out my journal. I have some useful information on it.

gl and please don’t hesitate to ask if u need help