Yo someone want to help out with some spells?

So I’m trying to get a girl to contact me more often and getting me on her mind. I’ve done a contact spell with not too much success though I’m still waiting for the result. Still, I would like to get some more power on this so if anyone would like to help out just comment and I’ll PM

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Sitri can make her lust after you entensly

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Should it be an evocation or just a sigil gazing?

Which ever is easy and that u want to do

Are you good at doing readings for people? Just wondering

Na I just do magick for myself lol

Go to Sitri, he brings results incredible fast. The only thing he really demands of you is to seize the opportunity he creates for you.

Oh, and when results have manifested. Please share them in here, we’ll love to hear it.


Okay because I’m having trouble finding out if this girl is still single. We got back in contact and a reading done by a few people says she is a great match for me and that she’s single but her facebook status says other wise though that hasn’t been updated in a few months

Ask her if she is single. Simple way to find out plus if she isn’t at least she will know you’re interested. Then when she is next she hopefully lets you know.

She seems like it at least, she doesn’t text people too often, its why i’m trying to get her to text/contact more. Me specifically would be dope but in general also works

In my experience actually being single does not preclude you getting into something with her. It will then get to a point where she either chooses you or him.

Yeah thats what I’m thinking and from readings its says her and I are aligned in a relationship way

I wish you luck and all I can say is I hope her bf isn’t a prick who makes up stuff that looks like you were trying to break them up and tells her that so she doesn’t talk to you for years after.

Something you need to talk about man?

Lol no

haha seems you feel from experience