YHVH - the trickster god

The god of the Bible - YHVH, who has tricked millions into believing he is the one and only, God is not the creator. He is a demigod, an imposter.
I am certain that he has gained a significant amount of power, due to the millions of worshippers he has had and continues to have.

He claims to be the creator of everything on this planet, but I very much doubt this. Why is he allowed to continue to work his deception, fooling millions into worshipping him?

Who would be the one and only God (The Architect) - the omnipotent, omnipresent Source of everything? How does one go about contacting/evoking him?

I know this topic has been discussed, but despite searching the forum, those questions still remain unanswered.


Because every religion has a different answer, just like on this forum you will have a wide variety of opinions. There are no answers, or capital- T Truths to be had, only what is true in one’s own experience. Your opinions about Yahweh are just that, your opinions. They are not absolute truth, any more than the opinions of people who think Lucifer is the All.

We can never know the true Eternal Source because It is beyond all conception and form, so we need an interface, a name, to interact with it, which is why we have so many different “supreme” beings all around the world.

“The Tao which can be spoken of is not the eternal Tao. The name that can be named is not the eternal name.”

  • Lao Tzu

He’s not an impostor, he’s a god - one of many.
However, religion and monotheism were made by men.
I grew up believing in “God” as an entity you can talk to and who can protect you, but not in a religious and narrow-minded way.

When I joined a Christian youth group (because all my friends joined…) I quickly realized that the God I got in contact with was very different from what other christians experienced.
I am convinced the God most Christians connect to is an egregore.

I’m not saying YHWH is an innocent and all-loving being, he certainly isn’t - but I’ve never experienced him as a trickster, and I had successes in my workings with him.
He’s a deity, just like others. Work with him, or don’t. Simple as that.


What proof do you have that he is not the creator , were you alive when everything was created ? I don’t think so .

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Helena and DarkestKnight summed up my opinion on this post quite well…

Almost all religion also tends to have that Supreme creator type god, even the ones with multiple gods. I believe that while powerful gods can do amazing things, the “supreme creation” is a bit of a man made fantasy for explaining the world and it’s existence. Especially since most of these pantheons existed well before modern science — when everything was because of a god being angry or a demon possession.


This sort of logic is how a child thinks, and it’s incredibly flawed because it can be turned back around: “what proof do you have that he was? Were you alive when he did it?”

There isn’t a shred of logic here, just accusations to make the other party feel ashamed and quiet themselves.


My personal theory on Yahweh:

He was a relatively minor tribal war god that got pissed off that the main war god in the pantheon was a woman (Anat) and has been taking it out on everyone ever since.


What caused this theory to form?


A couple years in seminary and then 20 years studying the Bible seriously.


The God Christian’s connect to isn’t an egregore… their intention is set on yahweh… but not all have successfully invoked it.
The deity of the N.t is Yahweh aswell.

I 2nd this.
Yahweh is/was originally a God of the Moabites

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Is their intention really set on YHWH? I doubt that in most cases. (I say “most”, because christians are as diverse as any TV series nowadays seeks to be.)
And you said it yourself:

Many worship an egregore.

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Interestingly enough, the only appearance of the word lilit in the Old Testament is in reference to the destruction of Moab’s neighbors to the south, Edom. That’s also around the same time she gained her association with the Babylonian lilitu.

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What book do I need to read in order to find the stuff you guys mention? I’ve heard a lot of stuff, but Yahweh being a war god hasn’t been one of them.

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Maybe we all can contribute to a post with books, articles and linguistic stuff that relates to YHWH. I’m sure there are several gems worth talking courteously about.


Yeah that is a completly new one for me too. Information is so scattered.

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Whoever you want it to be because there’s multiple sources, and people often pick and choose who/what they want their source to be.

Yahweh was a war god in his original pantheon the Canaanite Pantheon, a God of sky/war.


I love this, mainly because many people fall prey to the Egregore Yahweh they feed and think the real one will go out of his way to single them out because they rejected a religion that was formed around him not one that he formed himself.


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