Yet another TGS thread

You can get the background information on me in the Introductions thread. I’m creating this thread to get some help with TGS and sigil opening. I just need to make sure I’m doing everything correctly.

First of all, whenever I’m trying to induce TGS, I sometimes get double vision, like what happens when you cross your eyes. I believe this is normal. However, I can’t keep it going. My eyes take 30 seconds, max, before they refocus.

Actually, let me just tell you what happens when I try to open a sigil.

Right now I’m working on opening my first: The Sigil of Iadon. I drew it on a PostIt note, placed it on my lap, and sat up straight. I then proceeded to look at it and unfocus, making it blurry, as well as control my breathing. I notice after a while that the lines begin to disappear, and I’m also starting to feel the power building up inside of me. However, just when this starts to happen, I refocus or blink, which ruins everything.

Also, i notice that after a while, the lines take on a sort of silver glow.

So, how can I fix this problem and know if I actually opened the sigil, or even induced TGS?

Practice. Your eyes need to get used to it, that’s all. If you got a silver glow around the lines of the sigil then you were successful in opening it.

i want to add something in this topic.everytime i open a sigil,i can see the lines floating in white colour wherever i look for 2-3’s like the old avatar of NARIUS V (a pic with a sigil in his eye pupil).

Dron, that is just a natural visual phenomenon. If anyone stared at a white sigil on black paper for a while they would see black lines floating in their field of vision wherever they looked. Nothing spiritual about it.

i think you’re right acid king.i know that it’s not a spiritual thing.but holding your vision back and open a sigil isn’t just a visual phenomenon-trick also?
yet is enough to make contact and i can assure you for that because i’ve donne it many i know for sure that sigil opening can be donne without entering the theta state.

Holy shit, ok. I also realized that when it was glowing, I felt a massive surge of power as well as a wash of heat down my back. I didn’t really sense a presence, though. Maybe I’m just not psychically developed enough to do so yet.

Also be sure not to “expect” the phenomena too anxiously. As in, don’t get all worked up staring and waiting for something to happen. You should get so relaxed into that altered state that you have no attachment whatsoever to any sort of phenomenon, and that is when it will happen much more easily of its own accord and you can get down to business!

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