Yet Another Introduction

Hello there,

I am Marek (Marcus is the english equivalent). I come from Slovakia. I hate introductions :smiley:
My interest in magick has grown ridiculously high recently. My primary source of magick education comes from books, I read a lot of them and have far more in queue.

I have had some experiences before like precognition, the feeling you know something is really really wrong… and it is. Weird dreams also I try to decipher.

You could say I am a big fool - I do make leaps of faiths and they are actually worth it and giving me growth in every aspect of my life. Despite my interest in magick I’m fairly new if we talk about practicing it. Well, instead of some initiation and gradually getting used to it - I again leaped to it.

I made a petition to Glasya-Labolas to help me with learning this stuff and guiding me through it. The moment I put my offering to the sigil I heard howling in the distance, so although I may not be able to communicate directly with him/her I know it was accepted and the problem with “communiating more direcly” will be addressed soon.

I love reading posts and your experiences at this forum.



Welcome to the forum.

Hi Marek :wave:t4::blush: welcome to the forum.

welcome :grimacing:

Great intro, welcome aboard! :smiley: