So yesterday I was at church I would so not be their. So I was about to say parlada come during the serman when I saw wiers tied in the design of King Paimon sigil. I was like ok so I summoned King Paimon and talked to him in my head.


Wait, you summoned King Paimon at a church?


The way I see demons usually is my third eye my physical eyes see bothing I get a mental video of what their doing and where they are it helped ignore the pastor channeling Yahweh

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I have a hard time believing most of these pastors are channeling anything more than their own thoughts.


They all seem to go to cheesy shit eating grin school.


Then how can the pastor hit a bulls eye on your personal life it gets annoying

Cold readings?

Can you imagine being invited onstage at that mega-church by Joel Olsteen.

And imagine when the camera and microphone are on you that you pledge alliegance to Lucifer and other spirits in the name of freedom from the oppression and lies of Judaism/Christianity. With a hearty heil Satan or enn chant. And just politely stating and pointing out the church’s hierarchy embracing the “sins” while the parishioner are shamed and threatened with terror of the afterlife via a very jealous, and narcissistic god that crushes other cultures via lies and preying on the weak.

Probably would get all that out and you’d probably be mobbed. At least you could state Lucifer is your light and key to freedom.

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They generalize things so that it can apply to most anyone. It’s a trick.

that would be 1,000 shades of AWESOMENESS! Get a group together and chant the enns of Lucifer and the Kings of Hell! They might think we were speaking in tongues! lol :rofl::imp::imp:

They say they’re warriors of god but if I opened up the actual gateway to heaven and angels came out they’d probably be running for their lives. These beings don’t look like the fluffy white robes and birds wings wreathed in light. The first seraphim and ophanim sighting and they’d shit their pants in terror. First seraphim I saw in a vision dream was kinda creepy. First it did lol humanoid sort of like the angels in diablo with no face and hood. When it pulled back it’s hood and opened the front of its raggy garment its head was still wreathed in black but its chest area glowed a golden brass hue and it had millions of eyes that slowly opened up. They looked like jewels with precious metal shiny like tassel eyelashes and more. And when angry because it was at me for yelling st some other spirits in a convertible, it powered its eyes up and shot a red energy blast at me (but I gave it the bird and jumped out the warehouse building at the same time.).

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