Yesterday Began Spinning Spoons

What’s the next step after spinning objects and why is it important?

2 Weeks of Telekinesis

Been busy with many things but 2 weeks ago decided to go for psionics by beginning to spin papers under a plastic cup (just to avoid air drafts and be 100% certain), but as objects get bigger there’s less need.

Those of you who do telekinesis what did you move to after spinning things?

And, more importantly what do you reckon and recommend that is more useful?

By the way, plastic, aluminium, iron, organic matter, living things, there’s no difference… I noticed that any material is doable.

It’s definitly not Magneto-like limited stuff. LOL

In fact, began spinning forks/spoons yesterday, so it’s more connection based than material based.

Would really like to know what others around here are currently practicing with too.



Is telekinesis possible to learn for a simple guy who isn’t specially gifted, but practices meditation and the Occult? If yes, how can one learn most effectively?