Yellow Magick help?

Can anyone explain to me some of the powers this magick contains?

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Cant say I’ve worked with yelloe magick but I have read about it some. Its powers in humans rule over things like confidince and creativity. It acts as the positive aspects of ego. Liber Kaos by Peter J Carroll has a section on it. Of course i would never suggest just finding that pdf and reading it for free because its convenient and quickly available, I bought my copy on amazon.

The first time I heard about yellow magick was because an Orthodox priest mentioned it in a video, I thought he was joking, since he said it like making a list of random colors. I would like to learn coquelicot magick.

Lol. Liber Kaos breaks magick into an eightfold division. Black, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and octarine. Octarine is the color of pure magick or energy to the magickian.

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Chaos magicians are always so creative.

What exactly would you like to know? Any particular aspects you would like information about? Yellow is strong and incredibly fickle. It can grant knowledge but usually exacts a high toll on the mind. I would need more information on exactly what you intend to use aspects of Yellow for, in order to give more specific advice or warnings.