Yellow eyes

A few nights ago i was recording a video for youtube, and i turned around and saw a little girl i turned away looked back and she was gone. i have seen some spiritual stufd before cause i have been working with demons and spirits for a hood while now. but she looked so unatural her eys were a dark glowing yellow or gold short black hair, plae skin, and wearing modern clothes, age around 7 or 8. what caught my attention the most was those eyes cause i have never seen them on a demon or spirit. they seemed haunting yet entrancing, I feelt that she wasnt here to hurt but she was very dangerouse. anyone know anything about what this could be. i cant unsee what i saw like its burned into my head. i also noticed an increase in my sight cause now i see more spirit orbs

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Well cool!

Your vision of a young girl with glowing eyes are messages and symbols being sent telepathically to your mind.

The girl you saw is the deity sending the message. The yellow eyes are an identifying sign of his presence, employing yellow as his color.