Yellow Alchemy

Has anyone here worked with Hastur and the Yellow sign?
When I use the yellow magic the shadows come alive, shadow people follow me, and I see mythical beings in the woods. It opens up the doorways to the world of shadow but can also be used to transmute one into a demon… may cause hallucinations


Interested to see if people have used this

Can this be used in evocation? How’s that??

How’s that??
Can you talk more about yellow magic

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Utilizing the yellow sign can make menthol cigs feel like PCP. To learn about yellow magic you must read a novel called the king in yellow, and then use the aproximate yellow sign that I’ve posted, the best way to know about it is to invoke Hastur. Yellow magic is the magic of madness.

Hastur H’cluck Araz Mithash


Hiya OP! IME Hastur is the Mad Apollo, a lot more dangerous and unpredictable than even his Abaddon form- he’s really good at brute forcing people’s brains into submission, a superb dominator of minds, but, usually the vessel can’t handle that kind of interference and commits suicide or gets a brain injury during the course of the work. He’s one of the ‘big guns’, somebody you should only approach if you’re going for scorched earth because by golly will he leave a wide trail of insanity, self harm, and serious neurological issues! :slight_smile:


Yes, it’s extremely potent and not a joke :+1:


The yellow color in humans refers to the physical body and its associated energy system (etheric, emotional, mental bodies). It is a fact, that yellow accelerates nervous activity and thinking, and favors contact and exchange with others. In the energy field it favors physical digestion and psychic digestion, and therefore the yellow color belongs to the range of warm colors which makes it the color of will, strength and cowardice.
The meaning of the yellow color has several interpretations, both positive and negative. However, of all the positive interpretations of the yellow color if we are left with any is its creative capacity. All this is reflected in the mental stimuli that allow us and drive us to achieve our goals, be more persistent and understanding. However, the sensations that the yellow color transmits are not always positive, since it is a color that sometimes has serious difficulties regarding the development of emotions. All these reasons make the yellow color in the spiritual a color difficult to accept and to connect with it. Therefore, it can be considered that the meaning of the yellow color in love has a certain degree of selfishness or suspicion associated.

In summary: Emotions related to the color yellow have more negative interpretations than positive ones. We face negative emotions such as anxiety. Therefore, in the approach to the alchemy of the yellow color it indicates that something inside us does not work as it should.

At the same time the yellow color is related to other emotions such as stress and this can be caused by several factors that do not necessarily depend on us. However, the stress we experience in our daily lives, the rush and the rapid pace we have or our level of concentration may be responsible for it. The yellow color also symbolizes envy and other feelings linked to betrayal. As for the personality of the yellow color, to say that he is first and foremost an influential person. The yellow color under the alchemical process tells us about optimism, so it is associated with an outgoing personality. We are facing people with great abilities to socialize. Even so, these people do not escape feeling jealous and develop certain attitudes and behaviors linked to disloyalty, which in many cases these people are considered somewhat tyrannical. It is from there that we find that working with Hastur and the yellow sign if these details are not known cannot be properly understood by touching the magic under the influence of this color hue.

I hope I helped you, skip what doesn’t edify you!


Very interesting and well thought out.

does Hastur have a sigil?

If so what offerings does he prefer?

he likes living sacrifice…

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The yellow symbol of Hastur

Also know as
The indescribable
The one who should not be named
He is sick
H’aaztre or Kaiwan
The king of yellow
Yellow sign

anything else?

hail agrilither yo

Back when I was a young newbie I was really interested in the Temple of Set and Thelema Stuff. I decided that since I like to write plays, it would be really fun to write a play, like for instance “The King in Yellow” the very play that was supposed to drive people insane by reading it. I thought it would open my senses and my strict rigid view of the world would collapse.
I got about halfway through the project, trying to merge two plays I had already written on similar subjects. Instead of driving me insane in the way I had hoped, another, different kind of insanity crept over me. My pupils became dilated and I could not make them smaller. I wasn’t on any kind of drugs, but I really did not eat very much. I had this weird detached from reality feeling that I could not make go away. No supernatural entities talked to me, but occasionally, I would get so angry I would black out and do stuff that I would only find out afterwards. My mind was pretty spaced out. I mostly avoided people.
So, yeah, go ahead, take this King in Yellow stuff seriously, it is not some kind of door to opening your senses, but only a door to making you an angry person possessed. (although you were probably headed in that direction anyway once you start on stuff like that.)
So now, when I see some newbie doing this, who got himself banned from the forum, I have decided to speak up about it. Maybe someone could benefit from my experience instead of wasting years of their life being stupid.


Yes, it is possible to work with the Yellow Sign. Although working ‘with’ is something of a misnomer. The Yellow Sign works ON you, not WITH you. It is not something that should not be toyed with or something to be taken lightly. It holds the key to knowledge and harnessing the true potential of the mind - however the toll that it exerts on one’s mind is very great. It can cause lasting damage very easily and will continue to work on your mind for days - if not weeks - after you cease your work ‘with’ it. It is very unwise to attempt any contact with The Unspeakable One unless you are an extremely seasoned spellcaster - and even then you quite literally take your continuing sanity into your hands. However, what is insanity other than knowledge too great for the mortal mind to comprehend?

I would caution you strongly against continuing to dabble with the Yellow Sign unless you are prepared for the consequences; which are inevitable. It does not only open doorways - as you rightly state - it is quite easy to fall into spontaneous astral projection and become ‘lost’ through those doorways as your soul heads the Call of the Sign.

I made this account solely to respond to your post, and to caution you against any frivolous attempts to utilise the Sign or to contact The Unspeakable One. Whilst my account marks me as a ‘newbie’ I have devoted the best part of my life to this exact area of magick. I know what I’m talking about here.


About “yellow alchemy” indeed there seems to be the yellow stage, a minor one between I don’t remember if black and white or white and red.

Mythical beings in the woods ?