Year 2020 and the streak of tragedies

I’ve been thinking about something. Personally I think year 2019 was pretty good for me and for the world in general. However literally a day after new year things took a dark turn.
My life suddenly experienced a downturn, things at work and in private life changed for the worse. Not only that, I feel like I am loosing touch with the entities I used to communicate with on daily basis. Even my rituals are less successful than they used to be. For now I am holding out but every day since new year has been a struggled wrecked with stress and nervousness.
I don’t feel it’s just me however. The recent events around the world have likewise taken a downturn.

Is anyone else feeling the same? Or is it just me that feels like that? What can we do about it?


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Human beings grow during adversity. Embrace it and keep pushing.


Aside from (indeed) the virus which is a bit of a “novelty” I find this year like the others, although my utopian self thought that a new decade was an opportunity for some improvement.

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You gotta scramble the eggs to make the omelette. Transition periods are always chaotic.


it’s shaping up to be the best year in my life, i think we’re seeing the chaotic uprooting of oppressive institutions and systems which i welcome enthusiastically


Just keep your head up. Things will get better and these feelings will pass.


I think this poem best describes how to view struggles in life

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