Yeandrifer Pathworking (an aspect of lucifer that is a girl)

Here is an article about her, read this before you start the pathworking

Part one- Create your own sigil of her that is unique to your connection with her.
Charge it by visualizing dark blood red leaving your navel chakra into the sigil, also draw the sigil with a dark red marker or sharpie. The color of the sigil should be visualized as becoming darker and darker until it has become black now visualize the sigil emanating black flames, you should have put your black flame’s essence into the sigil. Now that you have the sigil, burn it with the flame of a black or red candle and that will activate your connection

Part two- You will invoke both Yeandrifer and lucifer together. Do not hesitate at any point to ask Yeandrifer for help or ask her questions she would be more then glad to help you. Ask yeandrifer to initiate you through her current. But first i would ask her or your higher self what this initiation will consist of. She will more then likely Activate your sexual energy(kundalini) at the base of your spine and make you much more empathetic. It is different for everyone.

Part Three- Now once you are initiated already you will have astral sex with her. you can go as far as offering her your sexual energy from an orgasm(optional) ask her to intensify your sexual energies so that in a way you will feel more when having sex either with a physical person, solo or with a spirit in the astral.

That is all