Yanny, Goddess of Crowns or Slayer of Emperors?

Yanny? From the word Laurel?
What do you make of it?

Words can not express the burning rage I am feeling right now.


One for team Slayer I suppose.
I find it hilarious. The recording is such a big overstated “Yanny!”. It’s the type of voice someone would use if that were the name of a soda with vitamins in it.

It does start conversations about subjective reality. That’s normal on this forum, but I figured it should be marked with a thread.

i didn’t hear either. I heard “go fuck yourself”. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Two for Slayer?
Is Yanny here to divide us like Sneeches?
Should we make Laurels wear little leaf pins until we figure out what’s going on?