Yamaraj is christian god?

any experiences that link them if you have evoked them?

He’s the Hindu version of Azraeel the angle of death !


Yamaraj is a God of the Underworld not exactly linked to the Christian God. Atleast there’s no connection I see. He’s more like Hades theoretically.


Man I’m raised Hindu and his imagery used to terrify me until yesterday I met him. He’s a very nice God who looks a lot like his images but he’s hands down one of the nicest beings I’ve met. Like Velenos said, he is similar to Hades.

Now he used to be called in Vedic times in the Southern direction I believe to protect against death (untimely or violent death) and he told me that he can help with binding ancestors during baneful work.

He’s in no way similar to Satan or any Abrahamic beings.

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