Y'all ever get frustrated with magical practice keepers? Also, thank you

“Doing truth spells and baneful magic means you lack respect”
“I practice the path of least resistance”
“If you do this this or this then you don’t respect a culture”

I get so frustrated in those kinds of groups ><
So I’m very glad that this forum exists.
This is the only forum/magic group that I feel like I can have meaningful magical discussions on.
Y’all don’t really judge or police practices or paths and you can get answers for pretty much any occult or magic question here.
So what I wanna say is thanks much to for being yourselves
Satan bless
Each and every one of you beautiful creatures. <3


I can totally relate these days I have learnt to speak less i.e. share less and be more like a sponge in these other groups. Less judgments etc.

It always cracks me up when I hear them talking about three fold laws, karma, having to be initiated in this and that to do this and that. It’s one of the reasons why I am no longer that excited to join another magickal lodge. It’s also one of the reasons in a way that i’m not so excited any more about the one that I am in currently. Also this hoarding of information like WTF ok I can’t know this little technique that’s freely floating around because I haven’t reached this degree and oh ok I’m doing it already but I should be VERY careful and stop immediately because I don’t have the license to do so. GTFOH.

Interestingly I was just about to start a thread called how has BALG helped you.

Yes thanks to all the great helpful and supportive members of BALG at least here judgment is minimized and people care about you.


I feel ya. I rarely get on regular occult subs on Reddit for those reasons.


I agree. I lurk at the subreddits and there is so much gatekeeping and scolding.

About a month ago, someone posted this lengthy rant about how White witches should only work with European traditions and pantheons. The tone was just so preachy and accusatory. It was the sort of tone that shuts down any discussion.

Heaven forbid you post looking for a way to hex//curse someone. Someone could have obliterated your family and you will get a scolding in sympathetic tones, “I’m sooooo sorry that happened to you, but Karma will take care of this person in time” or “I’m sorry someone broke into your house and dismembered your family, but real witch follows the Rule of Three. Send the murderer love and light, instead of cursing them. <3”

So, I appreciate the existence of this board. I usually will use the search function for a something I have a question about and it’s been raised and answered without judgement. I feel like I could ask questions here and nobody would bat an eyelid and it reddit it would cause pearl clutching.


yeah, i stopped posting in rhp forums/discords after i started demonolatry and started carrying a sigil of Zepar with me, with my blood on it, and then i randomly lost it on the street… when i asked in an rhp discord if it’s bad, they never answered my question, all they did was freaking out about me putting my blood on a demon’s sigil… like “ohmahgudd, there’s still time, you can pray to Jehovah to save your soul” bs :joy::joy::joy: the other funny conversation i had there that didn’t answer anything was about me not using circles when calling on demons… :joy:

Edit: so yeah, i’m glad i found the BALG forum too, i love it how ppl are actually helpful


The thing with pantheons is that the gods chose you, not the other way around.


I think that high moral standards is something that should come with the increase of power, those moral standards should serve to enable the practitioner to manage his or her powers better. However, for some people that sense of being lofty is more important than the actual practice and they try to export those limits to other practitioners. I think that is something that comes from the Christian notion that God supposedly rewards people for being good according to Christian notions, so they still incorporate that they will be rewarded or punished by an invisible force that is all the time paying attention to them, that is omnipotent and that works especifically according to their moral beliefs and not according to the moral beliefs of some random Muslim, which would get most of those female modern inquisitors a rain of stones, courtesy of the universe.


Everyone’s got their prejudices. The why of em is more important than what they are.

A blind man has a less cause to like the look of something than one who can see.


I was in a discussion earlier this year about not interfering in peoples life and mess with their free will.

And my argument then as it is now is that if I in any way can stop my neighbour in beating up his wife and children, then I just do it.


I can’t relate, mainly because I keep a lot of what I do underwraps, which isn’t really truth spells and baneful but it can be used for baneful work, just more on a soul level but it’s through direct magick lol.


I’m very glad that the people on this forum are very open to the LHP and darker magicks. Many newcomers are fear-mongered away by those who are all “love and light”.

I will say that closed practices are mostly closed for a reason. Other than historical oppression and cultural reasons, many are closed because they’re transmitted based on word of mouth, meaning that there’s no comprehensive nor accurate information that can be found based solely on the internet. If you’re not properly educated on who/what you’re communicating with, it opens you up to danger and possible parasites. Furthermore, deities in closed pantheons will typically simply not interact/respond to those who aren’t properly initiated.


One can do a lot of harm with love and light as well. To not doing something when one can, is not the way of love or light works. Some times you need to be bad to be good.


Sometimes I feel “love and light only” is the magickal version of toxic positivity.




To put it briefly, these people are focused exclusively in politics and not the true practice of sorcery. Stay with people who tell you about the useful things they’ve run across in the craft instead of policing you, for the simple reason that a real practitioner is more than happy to clear the way for any that come before him or her, because only a real practitioner knows the hurdles and false leads we had to deal with.

Those types you mention are there to practice the only illusion of power they think they have, which is shaming others. If they actually had a minimum control over their own lives they would be issuing forth actual information instead of “regulation”.

So yeah, fuck those losers.

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Just to add on your situation of losing the seal: Nothing bad will happen from it and you might as well also take it as an omen or hint from Zepar itself. In other words, the bond you feel with the spirit is within you and not in some mere object, that object is just a result of your devotion,

As for how it can be interpreted as an omen? Well, might be a way of telling you it is time to expand your contact list. Call on Zepar and ask if he wants to recommend some other spirit you should talk to, it is a fairly common experience for all spirit-callers to get suggestions like these. Additionally, well done putting your blood on the seal! :smiley:


Yeah, I figured he didn’t want to work with me on attracting love… I got what I wanted from Ustrina after that :smile: But still, them freaking out about blood on the seal wasn’t helpful at all :sweat_smile:

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Slightly related went to a lodge meeting last week an open meeting where seekers can also come as well. The topic was Love and I really had to bite my tongue when a high ranking officer of the lodge had the nerve to say based on the orders teachings YOU ATTRACT AND ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR EVERY BAD THING THAT HAPPENS TO YOU.

As he went on in his explanation based on another officer’s comments seemingly against the order’s teachings I couldn’t help but think this was tantamount to victim blaming. Then he had the nerve to top off his drivel by saying the order encourages everyone to question everything including its own teachings. I also find that many magicians have no problem taking a crap on Christian based theories and principles chalking it up to religious dogma but refuse to properly analyze certain magickal theories.

Very glad I was able to bite my tongue. for most of the meeting I was listening to old skool music actually :joy:

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Witch cough Tok cough cough


Yeah, say that cancer patients or the children who died of Covid 19.