Yaldabaoth: Is Anyone Familiar with this Deity?

For some strange reason I woke up this morning with the thought of this demiurge - Yaldabaoth. Visually speaking it is a giant serpent with a lions head. In Aramaic his name means “Son/ Daughter of Chaos”. Not sure why he came to mind as I haven’t been doing much research on him, and overall the concept of Yaldabaoth is as convoluted as they come - in some ancient texts he is known as God, in other texts he is Lucifer and yet others believe he is the son of Sophia or Eve in her later interpretation. So I have all these questions and very few answers. Does anyone know more about him? Why did he come to me?


My gnostic beliefs are probably different from yours but I would not ever consider it a good sign that the demiurge appears to you.


the demiurge - apart from those texts you’ve looked through - represents the unification of darkness and light.

Just like the Baphomet statue.

So don’t freak out to much about it.

Simply look at the following:

Where might it currently be benefitial for me,
to have a switch between darkness and light,
or light and darkness.

That’s pretty much the extent you should consider from that.

He’s probably just trying to help you through some form of transitioning phase.

some gnostic schools also consider it to be the “real god” “true god” … whatever.

There’s plenty of schools,
that think theirs is the correct answer.

Non the less,
there’s something to it.

The Demiurge represents a unity between “good” and “evil”,
so it’s in a sense closer to what humans are,
than normally considered.

Just in case the first kind of question - Where does transitioning between the two major forces apply to me currently - doesn’t answer it for you,
that’s the secound option to investigate.

In that case,
it’s probably more a part of your learning curve,
and helps you understand other things better.




Thank you so much for such a detailed response. You are hitting quite a few points on the head here. Transition- from light to dark. Yes. Part of my story. I left Russian Orthodox Christianity for Theistic Satanism. I never felt more complete in my whole life. My MA is in Culture, Philosophy and Comparative Religions of Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Now I am literally inhaling books and information on LHP, reading Papus, Madam Blavatsky, Crowley and so on. Definitely a learning curve there and like you said, one thing leads to another and brings more understanding. So thank you.