Outside of the Bible, does anyone have anyone have any info on him as an entity?

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Yahweh is a bit of a mystery. He seems to have originated as a Midianite deity in the Sinai desert; later syncretizing (via trade routes between Canaan and Midian) with the Canaanite El after the Israelite rebellion (originally the people who came to be known as Israelites were a slave caste in Canaanite society) to become the supreme God of the Israelites. His earliest mention is on an Egyptian Stele. After the syncretisation with El, he again transformed from a Henotheistic deity (a deity recognized as a tribal deity among other tribal deities) to a monotheistic deity (a deity recognized as the only deity) by the missionary activity of the prophet Elijah. During the Babylonian Exile of the Jews he became the embodiment of good / light / life after the Jewish contact with Persian Zoroastrian dualism whereas previously he was seen to be the author of good and evil; an identification further reinforced by Jewish contact with Platonism during and after the Alexandrian conquests; an identification that remains to this day and is shared between the Abrahamic faiths. And in this context he is worshipped by 54.2% of the worlds population. Not bad for an entity that began life as a storm deity of an obscure desert tribe.


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