So I was baptized when I was just a little kid. I now see who Yahweh truly is and I don’t like him. Is there any way to break the connection I had through the baptize?

I was raised Baptist. I was baptized a handful of times. What I did was pray to god and jesus. I told them that I was looking for answers that they were refusing to offer and that even though we had a relationship of 30+ years it was time for me to do something I said I’d never do. I told them, one at a time. That I was ending my relationship with them and turning from them. It made cry both times very briefly. Rejecting them is as simple as that. However it’s also not so simple. They’ll send their Angel’s after you because they want you to come back to them. Then theres the conditioning your brain went through growing up that you have to overcome. It takes a bit to unbrainwash yourself. I’ve been growing my relationships with Lilith, Azazel, Lucifer and Leviathan for the last year now and sometimes still I have to catch myself from stupid habits and thoughts or feelings. If you want to break the connection then announce to all of heaven and hell with all of existence as your witness that you reject the christian faith! That you renounce all ties to god and heaven! Ask whom ever it is you’re learning from to guide and protect you while you learn your new chosen path. I offer you this blessing; you will find your true path. You will grow and strengthen your soul.

Be happy and be blessed

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I was baptized and it’s made no difference to me at all. There’s nothing there to connect to.

The xtian good is as weak and insignificant, or as strong, as you make it. All the power comes from you, not it, ultimately.

So if you choose to let this mean something, it will. Its your universe, you are paramount. Choose and know you were always free all along.

Because of this, imo all the blaspheming and sin eating stuff is a massive waste of time. It’s all about trying instead of doing… Just do it.


I went through several sacraments including baptism. Doesn’t mean shit, people move over to other beliefs all the time — sacraments are symbolic practices but they are not rituals i believe. To sever the tie between you and Yahweh is simply turning your back on him and moving on

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In agreeance to @Whitehowlite the sacraments dont mean much unless you actively believe in what they represent. Ive been through at least 4 or 5 of the sacraments according to Roman Catholicism, I can appreciate the rituals, however due to just a lack of belief it did nothing for me. Baptism is just a cleansing/birth ceremony and can be a self performed action to establish yourself as the center of your own belief, or add said deity of your choice.
@he-thinks-he-matters this is your life, your choice, your universe. You’re the only one who can decide whether or not it has significance or you decide to learn from the prior experience.

Do you see how Yahweh actually is or how you were conditioned to see him? Christians condition each other to see Yahweh a certain way and LHP people do the same to newbies.

Have you had any real experiences with Yahweh?

I was baptized and received a guardian angel from his pantheon got a certain age and renounced my faith and told/had her to leave, that’s about it.

Yahweh doesn’t care about your earthly faith in a man made religion that was built around him.


Work on how the connection makes you feel. If you feel it’s there, and you’d like to break it, do so.

Any way you like can break the connection. Infinite ways, actually.

I’d like to learn more about your experiences good sir. Would you be willing to converse via private message? Learning more helps me to understand and comprehend things. As it does us all I’m sure.

About Yahweh? sure, but you’re more likely to get to the meaty experiences with @Helena


That’s good to know. I’m not wanting to dive too deep into it as I’m working away from yahweh. But it’s good to know why. Thanks. For sharing.

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Jews Call Yahweh,Christians call Jehovah,Muslim call Allah and Zorastrians call Ahura Mazda.

Fun idea ive been working with on that whole scheme, the naming of the Christian god, to which is mostly mentioned as “god”, “lord”, etc. There’s a theory that for the seven names each was its own planetary intelligence and god. Jehovah being the judiac god of war/mars, Yahweh being either jupiter or saturn, etc. The reason why it was all combined under Yahweh was because a bit before the supposed Christ era there had been alot of fighting among the various different sects and tribes of the people of Israel. During this period they combined and condensed all of the various gods into one direct character, often attributed in Hebrew as Adonai. Not to mention during this there was a conflict of faith in Judaism, with many still holding on to particular cultural depictions of the god of their tribes, and the roman conquest of the temple. There’s reason to believe through historical documentation that the Roman empire invented Jesus as the living god (not to be confused with the actual person Yeshu(a) Ben Hurt) to cause dissassociation within the Jewish community and faith. Jesus also takes on the narrative in his holy actions and miracles that mimic the acts of war of the Roman’s in Jerusalem, even to the degree of phrases such as the fishers of men.

The Christian (particularly holy roman empire) version of god essential was an amalgamation of the various deities of Rome, Egypt, and Jerusalem mixed with a pacifism and subservient attitude towards the empire and forgiveness of the state.

I eventually got smart and walked out of religion. One just has to see the scams in the belief system and those that rule it, and decide to walk away.
Also, Christian prayers = Psychic Energy. If you have people praying for you, that is energy, they and their ‘god’ thought form are sending to you.

I sent a PM.

I’ve noticed you in a lot of different discussion and you always seem to have an intelligent answer. Which I greatly appreciate your taking the time to articulate your thoughts for us to gain a greater understanding.

I was going to send you a message but I am unable. Your account is private. I’m not sure if you didn’t see or were busy, I kinda feel like a bumb asking for a smoke lol. I like how detailed your scans are and I’d like to request one from you. If you do pictures I’d like to know about one in particular. I have nothing but gratitude to offer in return.

I know this isn’t the thread for it and apologies if I am being rude or breaking any rules of the forum.

Thank you for your time and attention.

Be blessed