Yahweh punishments

To think that the One and the Many and the All and the Naught can be called before you like some god. Such ignrance. It does me no harm to cast pearls before swine, but that their shining wisdom may be defiled.

Such is the price of illumination, to live among the uninitiated.

Feast upon me, and pray that through it a glimpse may be obtained. Behold these my words that I did not speak, and consider that which is not.


THE ABYSS OF HALLUCINATIONS has Law and Reason; but in Truth there is no bond between the Toys of the Gods.
This Reason and Law is the Bond of the Great Lie.
Truth! Truth! Truth! crieth the Lord of the Abyss of Hallucinations.
There is no Silence in that Abyss: for all that men call Silence is its Speech.
This Abyss is also called ‘Hell,’ and ‘The Many.’ Its name is ‘Consciousness’ and ‘The Universe,’ among men.
But that which neither is silent, nor speaks, rejoices therein.


If you’re going to get personal and insult me at least get it right.

… or your dogma. We shall have to agree to disagree. Your unverified personal gnosis has no effect on me.

Feast upon me, and pray that through it a glimpse may be obtained. Behold these my words that are not mine, and consider that which is not.

And delusions of grandeur now. Cute. Thanks but no thanks.


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I have always told people Yahweh is an unclean spirit/entity. Lucifer was the “good guy”
I was a part of a Christian cult. I experienced the voice of Yahweh and he told me I needed to punish myself as penance… Perhaps it was a psychosis but at his request I went the way of the semana. Starving and beating myself regularly. (I was 12-15) I cause myself perminant bodily harm. I met my first Anton lavey style Satanist who found out what I was doing. He grew very upset. He told me that any spirit who would destroy me and allow me to wither away like that was evil. (My penance was for being sexually abused by my step father, and babysitter. Not at the same time) Yahweh told me it was my fault for my vanity. By the time I woke up, I was 15 5 ft 1, 85 lbs and had shaved all of my hair off.
After studying and reading every religious text I could I side with Buddhism and the book of the tao. However I do admire/invoke Lucifer, orobas, hecete and a few other strong entities. Since awakening I have flourished. I have returned to nature. My body is Beautiful. I live happily and learn from my mistakes without abusing myself.


I don’t know, I may get crucified here, but I thought YWYH was pure Love and didn’t punish, but that the ego part of the mind that perceives separation and calls it God is what punishes itself by its interpretation of the feeling of separation, a punishment which is taught by parents and churches which have completely distorted Truth, and even if you didn’t go to church or temple, you’re completely around people who have and that separation teaching gets infused nonetheless unless you live entirely by yourself like Mowgli in the Jungle Book. I don’t know if he might have developed separation fears and superstitions being in the jungle. Did he stub his toe on a root and go “dammit God is punishing me?” Pain = punishment? I mean even physical death isn’t a punishment even though it’s painful. Go ahead and shoot arrows at me. I won’t think it’s from God but from separation consciousness. :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice discussion right here,
I’m reading with curiosity :smiley:


Firewater will heal you =)

He ruined my life and brought me to my first breaking point/breakdown… took away hope and innocence/trust and love in humanity that there still might be good in the world… (yeah, supposedly he is the good and the light but got a funny way of showing it😤…) there is a whole story(ies) here… (dont have the patients now to write long stories/experiences…) but its like whaterver you do is no pleasing him, never good or sincere enough and even if your at your brink… there is always an excuse to be punished no mercy… and shut out ignored. Why?? And he never seems to let you wriggle away once he got his talons in… madness but Im still scared of being in his bad books… Satan will quicker answer you than he would… an unreasonable oppressor, that’s what he is… no justice.
Really confused about alot of these fundamental issues that I discover to my understanding myself … have I got my cards wrong or the general masses do? So much confusing and contradicting and hidden information out there, I dont know anymore. Weird. I dont want to wake up one day and find I did not take the right path and in a pickle… got enough anyway :joy:



Hi, apologies for the condescension, they like to hijack my keyboard. It seems that some of it is helpful though, so I’ll keep allowing it. Makes for a more interesting forum anyways, wouldn’t want things getting boring.

The above is a chapter from Crowley’s Book of Lies, by the way. It’s certainly a profound text, though I can’t claim to understand all of it yet. Reality’s weird man, that’s all I know.


Got me an itch to watch more George Carlin! :sweat_smile:. He’s ace. Speaks my language just in a funny palatable way. X

With a piece of strait talking reality and laughter, might just go along way curing some of us from our experience of religious controlling thugs. Some of us need just to hear (‘that what we already know but must not speak’) our side justified, and some just need a laugh. :heartbeat:

Good one for sharing :blush:


Thanks anytime.


Anything that can be humanely experienced isn’t the All, just an interpretation of conscious energies that are fractal forms of Everything. Everything is God, but no God is created equal. :slight_smile:

Crowley rambles a lot and got busted up by all the stuff he tried to categorize, so, he’s not really sensible? That’s why his stuff is in a religion- just another failed prophet that circulated his confusion. It’s the price of sticking to the maps for so long! They crumble, and so do the people depending on them. :slight_smile:

People that take these threads as a blow to their ego or religion misconstrue the basis. Nature is a pretty brutal place sometimes, and survival stories or tips may be charged with personal relevance, but if you swap the names like you suggested what you see are patterns! Endless patterns, the details may change, but the bones remain the same. :slight_smile:

Only dorks that take themselves too seriously take offense at other people’s dissing of their invisible friends! They ought to learn that nature overrules expectations, less odds of getting tricked that way! :slight_smile:


Should’ve told that to the Buddha, would’ve saved him a lot of time getting Enlightened.

I think it would be best if I leave this forum for a time. The Beast is currently ravaging me, and I’d rather wait until after this experience is over to claim any further wisdom. It is also clear to me from this thread that I am not welcome here, nor are those who follow the system of magick that I practice. I wish we could come together peacefully regardless of spiritual practices, but it seems that the Church’s dogmas have penetrated rather deep.

I am doing my best to show people that there are many different spiritual paths of equal validity. Imagine if a thread popped up every other day saying that Lucifer likes to randomly attack people because he’s savage and evil. It is difficult to encourage spiritual harmony in such an environment.

If anyone has any questions I’ll respond to PMs, but I won’t be making posts for a while. I would also like to suggest that a sticky thread be made to the front page for beginners. A lot of people come here asking basically the same questions, and having a “Beginner’s Click Here!” thread with some basic magick how-to’s and links to some of Koetting’s beginner videos would likely go a long way towards fixing the “just click the search button” problem.

Also, @Mulberry, you are not the swine to which Babalon was referring. She just wanted to share that passage with you, as it relates to your experiences with יהוה (EE-AH-OH-EH).

Peace be with you people, best of luck in the Apocalypse :v:


Hiya! Buddhism is about a lot more than getting enlightened though, it’s how the All relates to itself through individuality/forms- ‘Nirvana’ just means sacking the human filter and achieving direct observation and spiritual self-control, from which the All-Song can be sorted through with new eyes.

Which Beast are you talking about? I’m not portraying a lack of acceptance (I think?), just trying to get my impersonal views of silliness in nature out there in internet-nature. I wasn’t calling you a dork, you were one of the ones using the thread to bring up a valid point about the attitudes of people—and I agree with you! I got weird looks and heated arguments all the time when I used to mention that Legba hated me and sent Lwa to obstruct me until I poisoned the everloving snot out of him, or that Michael and Samael actually recommended the football to put Yahweh in and helped me pick the best prison for him, or that I cured an insane Hera by pulling out her nose. World’s weird! Taking it personally detracts from how much fun and information can be gleaned from it. :slight_smile:

The greatest of discords births the most beautiful of harmonies, so, maintaining equilibrium might be a challenge but that’s the point; challenge yourself and ever-evolve! You’ve got your own path and lives so you’re your decision, but sticking around to challenge yourself and other people will make this forum invariably better. :slight_smile:

When too much agreement happens, nothing gets done! Someone has to represent a ‘minority’ or ‘other’ perspective or people stagnate, even turn into husks from the certainty. :frowning:


They say growth come from pain. That’s all I am. PAIN! On a side note I never even mentioned my own onset dementia or possible Alzheimer’s. Just like my hard drives passing through airport security and losing data so too is my mind and brain. Huge gaps of forgetfulness but stress, negativity, etc contributes to it according to the psychological foundations in science and mental health.

So, perhaps in a round about way I am being self erased even if it’s a pussy way for entities to do such. Ah well. So long as the rage exists.


Ii grew up in the Christian faith and I’ve prayed to the trinity and never once did I feel like I was heard or helped. Neither did I feel like they were communicating with me as an inner voice that would help guide me. I’ve heard other Christians talk about these things happening to them, but not to me. And a lot of those people were assholes too! But he was helping them and not me.

3 week’s ago I researched Queen Paimonia for most of day and then drew her Sigil, just happening to be facing northwest because my desk is oriented that direction?! It was an amateur effort is what I’m saying.

I felt her love and warmth immediately. I asked for nothing, but it feels like she looked into me when I called, saw my desires, and began shifting reality immediately to make those come about. I didn’t ask for any of it. And now I have an inner voice that is like an advisor and source of inspiration. It wasn’t there before, this feels very different.

It feels like what asshole Christians say they feel from god is what I think!!!

Not to sound like a movie trope but I have renounced the trinity and Islam and will pray and give offerings only to Queen Paimonia. She gets me… they don’t and never did…

יהוה (EE-AH-OH-EH) demands unconditional obeisance to his caveman sense of humor. We are here to worship him, that’s what he thinks. If we are the butt of his jokes, or if he simply ignores us,or just flat doesn’t like us? too bad. That’s abusive. A real sad dad that one.

I’ve never seen Queen Paimonia in physical manifestation. Just in feeling. But I don’t need to. This must be what real faith is like. Nice to have spirituality in my life finally that’s real.


This is so great that I made a wallpaper with Lucifer’s sigil on it. If you don’t mind, please allow me to quote this!


Which method do you use to invoke Lucifer?

I used his name out loud for curiously’s sake and felt a large grey pulse smack in the right side of my body… I felt tingly after and had a large headache on the right side of my head for hours… I also had a drop of blood drip down my leg and I could work out a physical reason why… although this was after dedication…