Yahweh punishments

which of the magick have you personally used and it worked out well as expected or stated in the book? i have bought many books on this subject but to no success.

Any jewish, hebrew magick you know which works practically?

which site Sir? which source book are you talking about?

I rejected Yahweh and we have a real nice “I don’t fuck with you, you don’t fuck with me” thing going strong for a number of years now.

His power comes from his worshippers, he is truly a God in that he has power that has been devoted to him by his billions of lemmings, but he doesn’t use that power to help anyone, he simply soaks in the narcissistic joy of being worshipped.
He has the ability to fix the entire universe, but lacks the motivation, or perhaps, the knowledge, to do so.

He has had a hell of a run though, and i see his fan base dwindling, he’ll fade away soon enough.


There is a way… but Michael, Uriel, Raphael, Gabriel, Selaphiel, Raguel / Jegudiel , and Barachiel must be summoned… and then you will see the power of the metatron…

Note the body seems formed without the extremities and that’s where the two other angels are. I couldn’t divine their summoning.

And when he needs help he creates a clone… and the blazing sword of the spirit.

I have used all of the mentioned books extensively, to great success. The magick is mostly derived from Jewish Kabbalah, so in a sense it could be said to be Jewish magick, but I don’t personally see it as such. The origins of the system are Hebraic, but Kabbalah and the angels have been around for much, much longer than Judaism.

Some people choose to see it through a Jewish lens, and it’s fine if you do, but you should know that the reality of the angels is quite different than what modern Abrahamic faiths teach. This is why you will often see the word Qabbalah with a “Q” rather than a “K,” which has Jewish connotations, or a “C,” which has Christian connotations. I would suggest that you let your personal experience of the angels guide your beliefs, not the words of any supposed spiritual authority, though they may certainly be of value as well.

Again, my first suggestion for you would be the Protection book. It should solve your troubles if you read the book thoroughly and practice the magick as instructed. It is not difficult, but it requires your focus and commitment.


I must disagree with this point. I could continue to say that which I have already said extensively on this forum, but instead I will take a different approach. The Lightning Flash that is my self has almost worked its way down to Malkuth, though it seems that there is more wisdom to share.

I’ve looked over some of my earlier notes, from before the false shell of my self was cracked open, and before Metatron’s Divine sword rent my consciousness asunder, and there is much that may be of interest to those who want to know what the angels are up to in this day and age, though it would perhaps be unwise of me to divulge all of our plans. Know that we do not work against the demons, but in harmony with them, for the betterment of the human condition.

I ask that you judge יהוה‬ (EE-AH-OH-EH) and the angels not by any religious teachings or preconceived notions, but by the quality of their wisdom, and the might of their power.

The great angel Haaiah, who is known as the Breaker of Chains, Giver of Wealth, and Bringer of Freedom, said the following unto me:

“Think of the universe like a box. You can put things in and take things out, but the box always remains. You are the box, though you cannot be destroyed. You are also that which puts into and takes out of the box. There are other boxes near you, and sometimes your contents are also put into theirs, and what is taken out of yours is also removed from the boxes near you. You are the only true box within yourself. Only you hold up the foundations that create your reality. All things exist inside of you, yet there are many more boxes within. These boxes think that they are the one true box, but they are deceived and blinded by their own lack of power. Take pity on them, for they do not realize how truly weak and lacking in majesty that they are…”

The angel goes on to say:

“We have great things in mind for you, and we know that you will enjoy them, for that is what powers our work. Without your enjoyment and pleasure, we are powerless and can do nothing for you. Enjoy what we bring to you, and we both grow ever stronger by the minute.”

Indeed there is some truth to the statement that “his power comes from his worshipers,” though I cannot say the same for the rest of your comment. I would agree that his “fan base” is dwindling in the sense that more and more people are awakening to the reality of these beings, rather than the religious distortions that have been sold to them for their tithes.

There is more that I may share regarding the statement “He has the ability to fix the entire universe,” but I think it is important to remember that very few see from anywhere near the perspective of the Divine. All have this potential, though it is the destiny of but a few. You are free to reject destiny, however, and to witness for yourself our own becoming.

I do not aim to preach, but to share what has been shared with me, by spiritual beings of great power, for those who seek great power and wisdom. You are free to involve yourself in whatever system of attainment best floats your boat, but I think that there are those who appreciate my sharing of what I have learned from mine, as I appreciate their sharing of what they have learned from theirs.

Peace be with you, and so too the might, wisdom, and blessings of the angels, should you wish to receive them.


Someone just PMed me asking about the differences between angels and demons, and as my understanding of this has developed since I last wrote about it, I will post it here. Apologies for the spam.

Greetings, now that is a rather large question, and one that I am still learning about myself, but I’ve found that a good way to think about these things is in terms of their function .

All things are made of Divine Light. The trees and stones, angels and demons, you and me, everything is, at its most fundamental level, Divine. Reality can be thought of as being comprised of different “levels,” sometimes called “vibrations.” At the top is the Divine (Source, God, what have you), and at the bottom is the manifest material world.

Generally, things flow down from the Source like this:

Divinity - Angels - Demons - Physical Things

The quality of the Light at these different levels is different, but ultimately it is all still Light. By quality, I do not mean “good” or “bad,” but different types or sorts of being.

Each of these levels may be manipulated directly, which will cause change that reverberates across all different levels. For example, if you use money to cause a house to be built, you have changed reality through material power.

Demons typically work by taking the Light that is already close to the material, and will manipulate that Light to cause change. For example, they may change the state of a person’s mind from one to another, by manipulating the fundamental essence that makes up that individual.

Angels typically work by taking Light from the Divine, and bringing it down to the material, or by taking Light from the material, and bringing it up to the Divine. Thus the classification as “messengers.” For example, they may cause you to discover a new website by setting into motion the events in the material that caused that website’s creation from a very early stage, such as the birth of its programmer.

The Divine may also be worked with directly, to change Light within the first moments of its creation from the Nothing. This applies to both the microcosm, and the macrocosm. For example, you may remove the internal barriers that prevent you from enjoying prosperity, thereby allowing prosperity to come into being.

Things are surely more complicated than this, but this is how I understand things. There may be some errors, but I’m confident that it is generally correct. I’m open to being wrong, as it is always good to be, but I base this off of my own experiences and directly received understanding.


Honestly, all of my personal resentment towards Christianity aside, this is becoming an incredibly informative thread. The sheer amount of information that’s being given out here is awesome.


That was a purpose of that :smiley:

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Kudos, and Bravo.


Jewish stuff is to control people and scare them

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I’ve read the books and the rituals are very straight forward. I just cannot get myself to work magick by calling on Yahweh. Some residue from being baptized I guess. Even though I left the church at the age of 7 after the priest told me I couldn’t play with my protestant friend. Luckily my parents were extremely pissed off and stopped attending church too.

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That doesn’t sound like a bad time to me.

It makes me want to cover my butthole and run

Nightmares, awful signs like pages of the bible warped right where a horrible passage is, visions… I was terrorized pretty bad when I converted. It seems to be common. I converted from Catholicism.


I only have one thing to tempt or see what angels or the robotic Metatron or Yahweh can do; erase me from existence. Like the black guy in the old 7up commercials. He’d say “Creation never had it, never will.” Because I wouldn’t exist. And from my perspective since POOF. Everything would be destroyed in a way.

Divine light… what for? The earth will eventually be destroyed with all life DEAD.

Demons and carnality… the same; all will be destroyed.

Just seems pretty damn pointless. There is nothing in existence I can see that even makes “THIS” worth being. Finite. Pointless.


I think that you misunderstand me. The Angels, archangels, cherubim, and seraphim have my utmost respect. It’s the guy sitting on that Golden Throne that earned my rage.

I give you nothing but the utmost of respect my friend, and may the darkest blessings guide you through, and may Bountiful Harvest always come your way.

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I find it hilarious how many are still attached to dogma and constantly shit on Yahweh without even knowing him, feels like I’m in a LHP church

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It gets tiring. I don’t have a relationship with Yahweh as a particular entity

However, I did interact with something for my entire life and that’s divinity and a point came where I learned it wasn’t Yahweh or any other particular name I attributed and really didn’t need to be boxed up in a particular package

My faith evolved… I didn’t reject it, and I’m not angry at the ‘Christian God’ in the modern sense because there isn’t really ‘one’ - it’s evolved and morphed and made up of multiple entities and entirely personal to an individual of that faith who that ‘God’ is

Early Christianity looked SO different from how it looks today and the mythology is simply as good as any other, I enjoy the texts far more now than I ever used to and just get fucked off with the hate - there’s other entities to hate on too :joy: at least make it fair if you’re gonna spend your energy whining on (Not you @MagickVigilante I mean people in general)

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I used to work with Yahweh a lot with the psalms

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