Yahweh punishments

I’d like to share my experience with this cruel being and I encourage you to do the same.
Something like 2 years ago I became an atheist and said to god that I feel he is disgusting for what he has done, I was sure though that he doesn’t exist. In the same night, I saw not ending nightmare where I guess Jesus was crucifying again and again with liters spoiling of blood. ( I was weak as hell in that moment of my life, deep depression) I just felt after that night that I will be crushed like a worm by him. Now when I am occultist - Buddhist, I know he does exist and he showed me his really dark side, but now I don’t believe he has any control over me or power. I was a priest of him in my previous life (What have I done …) and when I was young I was really scared of Christian signs. We need to bless people how cruel and the disgusting creature he is. (Somewhere in the old testament, there was a part about his people killing some villagers and taking really young virgin girls to sex slavery - wtf?) I am curious what dark experience you had too with this god of war.


My dark experiences actually were while I was a Xtian. Having to worship and compulsory love through fear someone terrifying who keeps an eye on you ready to punish you and send you to “burn in hell and being tortured for eternity”, is the darkest experience ever if you ask me.

Once I left the Christian god I found peace, he never bothered me. If he exists we both ignore each other with great success for many many years now.
He can’t infulence you if you believe he can’t do so. That proves me that (if he exists as I said) he’s pretty weak for a god. :woman_shrugging:


Well, I’ve never actually been ‘punished’ by Yahweh, but the one time he came around my place, he was a rat the size of a banana wearing a top hat and called me a bitch and a fag for not having as many worshippers as him. So I stole his hat and locked his soul in a football. He screamed about it for a while, but hey, looks like his weakness is magical kicks, because a few of those on hard made him shut up. :slight_smile:


These are one of the threads I deeply want to engage in but nothing good will come of it.


Why’s that? :slight_smile:

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I pick at things a lot playing devil’s advocate but in a rather impersonal manner, though it doesn’t always come across that way. Based off what I’ve read around the forum about people’s relationship with JCI, I might just piss people off; people who might have even had traumatic experiences with the church.

Quite frankly, I don’t even know why some people bother to make threads like these. It’s rare, but every now and then you’ll get someone who is genuinely curious about something relating to the Christian mythos. Many other times I just see threads luring people in to spread misinformation and I’m all about intellectual integrity first.

Needless to say, this seems to be a very touchy subject and I’ve been there. I’m just going to continue to mind my business though.


That’s understandable! But you can’t account for everyone that may have been traumatized by something you mention, the universe is a rough and wild ride and sometimes the lows get really low, but it always cycles.

Pissing people off is part of things, and especially so on the internet!

You can become a channel, a challenge, or a chump in this world. Someone that’s all three is actually way more common than the first two!

To Flow and Echo is the definition of evolution, IME. :slight_smile:


I’m a polite troll (shhhhhhhh).


That’s definitely a form to fill! :slight_smile:

IME the gloves always come off at some point in life, and the expectation of otherwise makes the shift all the harder for people. It seems to work better if you help them bleed out the imbalances early, when the (inter/intra)personal stakes are at a minimum, so they don’t get in their own way! :slight_smile:


My Darkest experience was Soul Traveling to him and pulling him off his throne and sitting on it. I had to quickly get off the shit cause the power the throne generated was down right narcissistic.


And it had strange alien writing on it


Black with a purple band in the bottom?


Yeah something like that


That’s what the top hat I stole and crushed looked like! I wonder if they’re related?

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Hey. Dont piss off Yahweh. He just might haunt you in your dreams… night after night… as some Big Strapping Gay Guy in all Leathers that grabs you (Scorpions voice from Mortal Kombat) and says “Get over here” and then gives you a spanking over his lap.


Yahweh is pretty powerful with biggest ego in this world so anyone who don’t worship him is his enemy lol.


I grow very tired of these threads, but I suppose no one else is going to correct misconceptions, so I suppose I must engage. If you would, I ask that you engage in the following exercise:

Replace all instances of “Yahweh” in this thread with Lucifer, or Shiva, or Satan, or any other spirit that you enjoy calling upon. Why is it that if someone was being hateful to Lucifer, and he responded by sending them nightmares, the response would likely have been something more like “Good, that’s what they deserve for pissing off mighty Lucifer!”

How do you feel when you hear religious Christians talking shit on Lucifer, or demons, or any entity that you are close to? I would guess that it makes you quite angry, and justifiably so. There’s no reason for such ignorant hatred, as it is not based off of any real direct experience with these beings, but off of false dogma taught to them by the Church.

If you think that the Church’s dogma only affects religious JCI individuals, unfortunately I have to say that is not the case. Just look at how widespread their influence is in our culture. Even atheists think that demons are supposed to be “evil” and angels “good,” even though they don’t think that they exist at all. Why do you think this is?

The Church doesn’t want us to be in agreement. They don’t want us to stand together. They would prefer things to remain like they are, with the ignorant masses showing up for brainwashing every Sunday, with demonolators conspiring against them, and with magicians and occultists who have actually glimpsed some truth squabbling amongst each other like this.

Yes, יהוה‬ (EE-AH-OH-EH, commonly spelt Yaheweh for ease of reading) has a dark side. Of course, because יהוה‬ (EE-AH-OH-EH) is a way of representing the Source of all things, and that includes both the Light and the Shadow. Now, that doesn’t mean that you have to consider יהוה‬ (EE-AH-OH-EH) as your Source, but some people, such as myself, do.

Do you hold these beliefs because of an unbiased experience that you have had? Have you approached the archangels, with no preconceived notions and a willingness to know them for who they truly are? I’m not trying to attack you, but I would guess that many have not.

To be fair, I used to feel the same way about Lucifer. I thought that he was some evil being cast out of Heaven for his wickedness. How far I was from the truth. Lucifer is not my enemy, Lucifer is my friend, my guide, a most trusted councilor and advisor, who has my best interests, and the best interests of all humanity, at heart.

The point of all this, is for me to ask that you do the same. Lucifer himself told me, “Invoke to overcome fear.” And so I did. I invoked Lucifer, going against all my fears and trepidations, putting forth my best effort to keep an open mind, and I discovered a glorious being indeed.

If you have the courage to do the same, invoke the archangel Metatron, and allow your own experiences to shape your thoughts, not the false preaching and dogmas of mainstream religious culture.

Thank you for reading, and peace be with you friends :v:


Luckily for me, I learned from watching other people’s mistakes and stayed away.

My only experienced is a sense of complete lack, when I’ve tried to give it the benefit of the doubt, and make contact, starting when I was 8, there’s either just nothing there, or it doesn’t care at all. I went with nothing there because back then I was a nicer person. That childhood gnosis actually made me an atheist for the next 14 years. Now, I see a weak, impotent creature not just unable to stop the Churches from using it’s name to commit some of the worst atrocities, but happily feeding off them.

More recently I journeyed to find out if this being even existed and what it had to say for itself… not a lot. It wasn’t hostile, it seemed more mentally deficient, drifting, overwhelmed, barely present, promoted to the level of it’s incompetence - it’s not really a god at all. In comparison with other gods and archangels I’ve met since, who are intensely present, focused and communicative, it’s apples and oranges. I don’t even think he really has anything to do with them, he’s not even in their league. The ones running the show in JCI is humans, fearful, power hungry humans, which is why it’s f*cked up, imo.

Wouldn’t be so bad if it was capable of answering prayers and showed up when invoked. I think the archangels do all the work for reasons of their own.

My devout xtian freind had been praying to this guy for 9 years to help her life situation, working three hourly jobs to make ends meet, very RHP, always ‘it’s for a reason’, one of those good people that it seems unfair they have no luck in life. I called in Halah’thor 3 months ago and she started a new job with double the salary with benefits and career prospects this week. It wasn’t a big ask since she does so much to help herself, but this yahweh being probably didn’t even know she existed. So lame. It should probably incarnate as human to build up some fortitude, I think it should be able to manage that. :wink:

Re punishments - eh, I’d be shocked if it could punish it’s way out of a wet paper bag


Tbh, I’m starting to believe they’re all worthless and couldn’t escape a wet paper bag.

What’s their value? Nothing.

They can do Absolutely nothing in the physical reality. Mind games maybe they can influence but it’s a pretty sad pathetic game.

Weak weak weak pathetic beings… ALL OF THEM!

I say to every spirit, holy man, shaman, magi, aliens, and fucktard inaginary bullshit to BRING IT!

It’s all mental delusional fapping bullshit and again it’s for $$$ PROFIT!

Damn fucking imaginary bridges sold by the fucking microsecond these days.

If they don’t appear on command… they are BULLSHIT! Plain and simple.