Yahweh is shit

So i had to go into a christian assembly at my school and they were talking about how we dont deserve “gods love”. The worm has more influence than i expected. Disgusting


I hate that form of indoctrination more than anything in the world


What does it do to the psyche of a child to be told he or she is undeserving of love. It’s so sick and disgusting


Yahweh: “Bwahahaha, you dont deserve my love foolish mortals. You still need to love me though. Or Its smiting time. Baka” Tsundere god?


Hence, “troll god.” :rofl:

Troll god gone bye-bye though, only a cleanup operation left, really. :thinking:

@GreyDracon this is much more useful: The Kybalion PDF, archived link.


This whole thing has the precise structure of a cult, except polite society calls it a “religion” instead because more people bought into the cult.

It reminds me of this article from Be Scofield:

“Yes, she can be opinionated and if you don’t know Anganaese (the nickname I gave her language), it can be overwhelming. But, she helped ME to open my mind and my heart to the world around me…This has allowed me to maintain a descriptive relationship to Self, within a framework of unorganized, non-directional selfs (sounds familiar?)…if you felt intimidated by Angana, that was lesson 101…I AM LESSON 202…CALL ME….”

The background to this story is that two people in a university basically formed a Social Justice cult.

The cult always expects you to conform to them and they don’t deliver on their promises to improve your life, rather they divert your energies into upholding the focus of the cult alone.

And it always starts with the assurance that if you “just get it right and speak the language and act in a certain way”, then everything will turn out well.

Of course, if you supplicate yourself before Yahweh and give him your energy, then he may act nice and he may start saying he “loves” you, but if you give yourself over to anything, then anything that wants something out of you will be pleased that you stopped resisting!


Yeah … I dont agree with anything other than there is a source of creation that is love, light and truth. A god that is pro destruction and pro slavery is not OK in my belief.


Better yet the ability to create a universe, and within that a beautiful harmonious world, and being the immortal caretaker and protector of it, is and would be appealing to me.


But with respect, anything that creates life has also created disease and death, anything that creates light has created darkness, and and anything that ctreates love creates fear and hate, so i respectfully propose that the concept of Shiva Nataraja, and simeply yhe All in which all things are held as thought s (good and bad, dark and light etc) is a truer concept of things, than a god of “light and love” which is somehow all-powerful, and yet permits evil to flourish?


I can agree with that.


Amongst other things, I remember two explanations of Bible’s verses: one reason for God not accepting Cain’s sacrifice is simply his supreme will and choice, but this shouldn’t be viewed as whimsical… yeah, mystery of faith, I suppose.
Why did God “kill” so many people? Nobody is without sin, there isn’t any need to wonder that they died; rather, God is merciful towards those still living. Oh please :face_with_raised_eyebrow::roll_eyes:

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You see the lies, he grateful. Some people never make it out :heart::heart: