Yahweh and Angels

So my question is pretty simple tbh. Does one need to like Yahweh in order to get help from Angels or Archangels? As some may know, I have never been fond of Allah or Yahweh.


Angels and Archangels don’t have any allegiance to Yahweh or Allah whatsoever. They will only pay lip service to them if the magician expects them to.


Oh ok. lol thank you so much man. You have helped me out with so many of my questions. Don’t know how I can repay that debt. :slight_smile: THANKS

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No problem :slight_smile:

I work with both angels and demons, and I am not religious in any way, so no “gods” need be involved.


Depends if Yahweh created the angels you’re interested in. There’s angels of Ma’at that were created by Ma’at as well. In my opinion Judeo angels are under the judeo God, just as other gods have their races and such that follow them. It’s a matter of who you speak to I suppose. Although you don’t have to like the god to work with their people.


I don’t believe there are such things as “Judeo” angels. That simply has not been my experience.

Gotta say, that doesn’t make any sense to me. We’re not “created” by Ma’at or anything else beyond Source, which created everything, and Yahweh certainly never created angels.


You’re not an angel of ma’at nor do I follow your view lol you believe you’re created by source however my experiences aren’t about where you came from but about where they have told me where they came from. So you’re free to believe that but your beliefs aren’t everyone else’s experiences. Because for me the race came from a creator just as other races have a deity that created them in my experiences.

Ma’at is more of a set of ideals than a being (though I wouldn’t be surprised if there was an egregore floating around). It focuses on truth, order, justice and balance in Ancient Egyptian society. Not sure where you’re getting this idea that Ma’at created angels and humans.

I don’t touch astral so I don’t experience egregores, Ma’at in Egyptian mythology is also considered a primordial deity who embodies order just as Greek have primordial deities who embody darkness.

I’m not sure where you’re getting this idea I said she created humans, I suppose it’s not hard for people to assume something from differing experiences and beliefs. However, I believe there are many different races of angels demons and so forth and she/he/it was one of the creators of one race. Don’t get me wrong I don’t seek your agreement or view or explanation of how you view things. I am simply giving my experiences regardless of if they differ from others.

This is where I got the humans bit:


Ah, it was meant to be were not we’re, typing on mobile at work. My apologies for that, but yeah I don’t believe we’re created by Ma’at. I already know my origins and it’s not her. Sorry for the misunderstandings on that part.

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No problem. :+1:

Hmm, alright. Though I have heard people say that some of the major judeo-christian angels are very much “free agents”. In the sense that they do seem independent.

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I think it’s important to remember that the “God” of the current Abrahamic faiths (sometimes called Yahweh or Jehova) is a very different figure than the Source-God known to occultists. I can’t really speak for Jewish or Muslim people, but I would say that the God of most Christians in the US is very much so a modern reflection of the cultural beliefs of these people. They just take their favorite parts of the Bible and believe what their charismatic priest tells them to believe, Truth be damned.

The magick I practice is largely rooted in Kabbalah, which developed in the Jewish religious tradition, but I certainly don’t consider myself Jewish. The magick works and it resonates well with me, so I use it. I call forth angels and demons using Hebrew Divine names and psalms, the spirits respond well, and I get results, so I keep using it.

I guess the point I’m trying to make is that the true hidden Yahweh, known more accurately as יהוה (EE-AH-OH-EH), is part of a system of magick that works well, and does not require any of the religious trappings of the traditions it grew out of. Of course, you don’t have to use this system, as there are plenty out there that work, but I just thought I’d speak for those who use the system and don’t worship the JCI god, as there is a difference.


Oh don’t get me wrong I don’t doubt they’re free I’ve had my experience with them. However, I do believe in the sense that just because a deity creates a race does not mean the race is bound to them and lack of free will.

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I have another thought on it that respectfully differs from @DarkestKnight to some extent.
You can call out to the angels, such as singing or something and they might show up briefly,
or perhaps if you have all the gear for proper John dee styled Enochian Magick then you sort of can though I think that is a grey area.

When you work with any of Damon Brand’s Angel magick you do have to say that it is your will to recognize God.


States it is your will to recognize God.

However that doesn’t necessarily mean you are necessarily recognizing what you may Identify as Yahweh or Allah. But simply that you do recognize God and you can do that if you are doing it in your own way too, to a certain extent.

So for me, in Exodus Chapter 3 verse 13 it says
“But whom should I say sent you to me, I am what I am, tell them that I AM has sent you.”

It also says in the Bible a few times “I am in my Father and my father is in me.”
For me such quotes open up interpretation to having God be a more Eastern interpretation of God, like in Hinduism, Janism and arguably Buddhism as well.

Unless my angels start freaking out at me today for stating this, it has always worked for me.

So you could in theory Believe that you are God, that your soul is the manifestation of God within you, that we are all one with God, that you are an extension of God, or perhaps even another interpretation of what god means to you it doesn’t have to be what your priest, rabbi, Imam or parents believe and or some dogmatic Christian believes.

However it is better to not be too at odds with the book of psalms in doing 72 angels of magick.
I myself was able to get away with it for many of my rituals but it is also perhaps part of my magick and spiritual journey that my angels aren’t cutting me the same slack, they are wanting me to become more knowledgeable in the book of psalms and not be too at odds with it, in my own way at least.

I know many have done it with out it and I have too, but I would agree with my angels logic in that working with the 72 Angels of magick it is better to have an understanding of the book of psalms then it is not to. It is however mostly a book of praises to God and God can mean somewhat as you interpret.

that is sort of where I am at in my magick journey anyways.

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Wait whaaat? Could you explain if these angels and Archangels are of God, how come they don’t have an allegiance with him if theyre of him? I’m not calling you a liar I just don’t get how its not like that.

Being of a being doesn’t mean they have to have an allegiance to it, look at the Grigori they rebelled even tho they are of their God.

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It’s simple. I don’t believe Yahweh is Capital-G “God.” He is simply one small-g god among many.

The angels are of the Godhead, the Eternal Source, or whatever term you want to use for the Ultimate Creator. They are not of Yahweh, or any other godform.

In my opinion and experience, angels and demons were created by the Source to fulfil certain functions within this universe, and as such, they do not belong to anything but the Source, though they will pay lip service to whatever godform we want to assign to them.


Wow never have I heard of this , interesting. I’m going to continue my work with them though