Xenoglossia (Understanding a language without prior knowledge)

Has this happened to anyone?

In a dream a few months ago an Italian (very rustic looking) guy asked me “do you understand what I’m saying”, and I did, but it wasn’t even like a translation to English - I understood the words as they were.

I’ve very recently started to learn Italian because I’m getting citizenship there, but that was before I knew anything.

I also felt related to this guy in some way.


Yeah, I’ve had this all my life. I don’t know everything in every language, but for some reason, I often know what someone is saying if it’s in a Romance language. I know those languages are related, so it makes sense if you know something in one, it’s easy to figure out in the other (about half of Spanish is the same words as Italian, just pronounced differently). But I know what some foreign phrases & words are without any previous study. I’m not sure what the deal is, I just consider it a gift. Are you Italian? If so, he could be an ancestor. If not, maybe you were an Italian in a previous life?


Most of my ancestry is Italian, which is how I’m getting the citizenship.

There’s also another dynamic I didn’t mention on the post.

In Highschool there was a girl in my grade who I liked (I’m 100% sure she liked me too), but nothing ever happened. Anyway, sometimes she would be in a dream, but it wouldn’t be an active role. Rather, I would catch her sort of watching me, as if she was consciously there intruding and watching my dream.

Highschool was 5 years ago, even though I virtually never think about this girl it still happens rarely, and she was in the dream with the guy- I think it was made explicit they were related. Also, in that dream she wasn’t spying, but was actively participating.

Sorry for the long shit, I just wanted to know about the Xenoglossia!
but I have heard people sometimes incarnate together recurrently. It’s also worth noting that girl is Italian.



For example, Gautama Buddha and his wife, Yasodara, first met each other during the beginning of the Brahma-life of Dipankara Buddha, the fourth Buddha, and made an agreement to be each others spouses in all future lifetimes.

When Gautama Buddha left his home in the middle of the night in order to find and end to suffering, he tried to be quiet in order not to awake Yasodara. But, she was already awake because she knew what must happen. She silently cried, but didn’t let him know she was awake, lest he stay. For countless lifetimes, she had always supported him in his spiritual pursuit. Yasodara is the true hero behind Gautama Buddha’s awakening, because without her devotion and acceptance of his path, he would not have awakened and become a Buddha. She became an Arhat and she and her beloved both entered Nirvana together.

I love their love story.