Xaturing Can someone text me

I know it’s connected with the Internet and the virtual world, But I won’t call him if it’s not within my goal, I know who the person is and a few things about, Since xaturing is relevant on the internet, I will get someone to text me against, I hope it works, I really want it :heart_eyes:

I’m not sure what the question is… are you asking if you can summon XaTuring to get another person to text you?

Yes friend

I would say that’s not so much his area, as you need the person to have the motivation to text.

You might like to consider Paimon or Dantalion who are experienced in influencing people, or some kind of attraction spell.

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I did not have the chance to talk to her, we simply texted, I’ve never had a chance to meet her face to face, Said she don’t want a new friend today, I really liked her, Now what I want is to motivate her to text me and get her to text, How can I make this happen I’m desperate, Please don’t inform me to find another girl because I don’t want, How can I achieve this ultimate goal, Or with whom, in what spirit can I reach

Not to mention you literally have King Paimon’s sigil in your pfp.


Buddy stick to the point, She’s always idol and manager for me, I don’t know she has the ability to influence people, I have never had physical contact with the person to affet, Since there is no contact between us, what they will do will not work.My only goal is to get the girl to text me on Instagram, We talked to her a little bit of a girlfriend and not a friend and she said I don’t want new friends, So I want to pull me right

This is not the case. Paimon or Dantalion will do fine. But since you don’t believe it, you should not call them because you yourself will ruin he working with doubt.

Use the search function for “attraction spell” - this does NOT only mean physical attarction, it means, “wants to connect” in any way. It can be used for money and jobs as well.

Well, no you don’t - you don’t want her as a friend do you? Because you said “you really liked her” and “I’m desperate” - people don’t say that about platinic friends. You want her as a girlfriend. She gets that and isn’t interested, and is trying to let you down nicely.

You can try a love spell, you should also work on yourself to be a more attractive person, by learning more, having more skills and being more healthy, these will also add to the working.



Huh this makes no sense, these spirits were recommended to you to make that contact happen since they influence people to do something. But just like Maulbeere mentioned, if you have doubts it won’t work.

I’m studying music with Paimon, At some point there was someone who wrote that a love spell could put a person in psychological disturbances and kill them.In one comment it was written that magic would not work as long as there was no physical contact.Doubt so what I want is to text and chat,This is my doubt I don’t really want her to die

No, that’s not true at all. A love spell will not kill the object of your affection. I don’t do love spells anymore, but when I was younger I did them on someone and he’s still alive. I ended up having his baby, he’s 3 & the dad is very much alive & well & living his life. The spells did exactly what I wanted them to.

You shouldn’t be afraid to do any love spells, if that’s what you want to do. With no harm to anyone, is what I always say. As was mentioned earlier call on King Paimon or Dantalion.

Good luck :bouquet:


Which one I will do, all I want is to send a dm to be a friend, Love spell or, attraction spell, But I couldn’t find a recipe.

Call lilith or namah and i ask her the girl give u a call. Ir message. Look evocation or invocation.

If you prefer to do spells, you can try an attraction spell to draw her to you. Also, since you already work with King Paimon, you can ask him to influence her to contact you via DMs. He’s REALLY good with influence.

Milliter, some spells can drive a person mad such anima sola, hecate, and matia lonza. Plus santa muerte no love or obsesion but to the point to stalk you, and see and hear tjings to make person look for the caster, besides mantras and tantras, onw chick put 1 on me, i suspect from begining she was a witch. Tink of her 24/7 i dnt want tx her but did, at times want to refuse yo see her but she dominate its baaad if she or him are goid at tat spells

I’m afraid to drive her crazy and crazy, These situations can be very dangerous.

Could you write a little more explanatory?

If beginwr venus, apollo. Godes etc even anael angel try damon brsnd magick seduction book amazon kindle, $11 dollrs all u need. Goid luck.