WTF! You EVOKED me with that ENERGY!

Hi all I have a question that I would love to hear about your experience or thoughts on if thoughts only add why to it.

When you charge a Sigil for an evoking of a Goddess does the Goddess feel or know how the Sigil was charged? As I am should that each has her own values and one that LOVES to have someone masturbate over the Sigil may find meditating over it with love, light, and fluffy white bunnies offensive and visa-versa?
Or do you find that a mix is better some meditations, some candle charging [place it under], sexual energy so on…

I am intending to envoke a Goddess of healing but interested in the best energies to used in other evoking as well.
Thanks a million.

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I actually think I pissed off an angel for keeping their sigil by my jizzy servitor drawing.


Really… Can you ask them about it? or is that not really healthy to the relationship?
I got LOTS to learn lol

I’d use energy in keeping with what they are known for. If they want something specific they will let you know. I recently had one who’s supposed to love blood who’s sigil i started crying over while drawing. This is very unusual for me, so I covered it with my tears and was hit with a sense of gratitude.


Ok that is interesting, maybe your tears have more value emotionally to you than a quick jab and a few drops of blood? But it is almost like they were not only expecting you to start the sigil and evoking them but waiting to give you a, “like are they going to listen to me test”.

I never bothered. I just remember there being a huge fight in my house that weekend.

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I’m physically intuitive, but not everyone will develop this to a great extent, or in the same order that I have. Everyone is unique and has their own skill set. It was also a spirit I had worked with before, and I had given previous permission to influence my mind and body for future workings.

Don’t give this permission lightly, as you may regret it later. Especially if you are also physically intuitive because things can get intense. From feeling like you’re draped in warm lead and can barely move, to sorrow that feels like someone literally stabbing your heart with a needle, and happiness that makes me so dizzy all I can do is stop moving and hang on to something.


Ok sounds fair, I have read a lot on “GIVE CLEAR” instructions on boundaries and out comes. I am assuming that if you give permission your can do it only to achieve a certain out come or time frame, also you could with draw or rescind it if it was not say part of a pact?

Boundaries definitely, for outcome you don’t want to hamper them too much so they can’t do their job. But if you send a curse or something and don’t want surrounding people harmed, or a lust aura so strong you get raped type of thing. Then yes, set ground rules. I only give body permission to spirits I want with me for life. In theory you should be able to “take it back”.


There’s not really any wrong way to open a sigil. The way that works for you is the best way. Once the sigil is activated and you have the presence of the deity, then what you do in the presence is what really matters.

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