WTF Lilith!?!?

So, out from nowhere Lucifer contacts me to work with him. I’m cool with it. I did a few things. Saw how it makes sense. Things worked great. He later told me to evoke Lilith. I finally did it…

So…I am MGTOW (men going their own way). A pretty happy one too. I DON’T want to date, and I don’t want to get laid. You read me right.
Largely, I have lost interest in women and what interest I still have, I want GONE. OMGawd…this is SO much easier than trying to find elegible women! My life makes sense right now!!! I want to go. my. own. way. IF I went back to dating, it would be to find victims for vampire magic or other baneful works. Lilith tells me that I should fuck my boss. IF my boss was hot, I guess I would not be posting this right now, but she is ugly. Otherwise, I might ‘take one for the team’ as a means to an end for magical advancement. She is not attractive to me at all, and secretly, I kinda hope she is reading this right now cause she is kinda a bitch. She has had the hots for me too.
According to my tarot, what I would gain is minimal.
I really want to run the clock out on this one. I hope I already have. I want her to find someone else so that I am no longer an option.
I did the tarot on this one a few weeks ago and it showed that I would gain from this experience, but MINIMAL and that I would loose nothing. But what I WOULD LOOSE is my sense of self respect cause DAMN! I can’t stand my boss.
Normally I never come to y’all for advice or insight, but this one really threw me for a loop. Typically, I don’t ‘follow’ the spirits blindly. I take what is said into serious consideration, but I would have been happier to be told to fuck UP my boss somehow as opposed to fucking her, but Lilith could not be more clear. Feed back, please homies? Thanks!

do your will, if you don’t want to do it with your boss then don’t do it maybe that’s a test


Maybe you need to lose some of your self respect. I’m going to play devils advocate and say you’re holding yourself unjustly higher than others around you. You call her ugly, but are you any better?


Lilith likes to push us out of our comfort zones to deal with underlying blockages or things that are holding us back. She’s likely wanting you to dick down a pug fugly hobgoblin so you can work on some issue that’s tripping you up on a subtler level. I say grab a few forty ounces & crush that puss, minimal gains today can snowball in to massive gains later.


It doesn’t take tarot to figure out that you were a stand up comic or court jester in a former life. This had me ROLLING! Thanks for the insight!


I physically cannot be anything but condescending when saying this; you are probably going to experience massive change in your viewpoints if you keep working with Lilith because of a new perspective.

With all due respect, do what the lady says.


Yeah, Lilith can open up doors or paths you might really wish would stay closed. They see FAR FAR FAR into your futures paths. I look back at old visions and some of the dreams and scrying results and see they were pretty spot on as far as my own ways go.


Really hate to be that female but if this was under different circumstances I would so appreciate and respect is the way to go but since Lilith basically flat out told you that you should probably go ahead and do it just wine and dine first maybe she would look better to you after a few drinks or if she primp herself up or so take her to get a make over then see if that fits your liking before you do anything Lilith is very out right in her demand following her will will open up door that you never seen before just protect your self ok …and stay safe


That is what concerns me. :slight_smile: It’s like 'oh look! a FEMALE deity wants me chasing women. Hmmm…go figure? What are the odds???"

A female deity wants you to fucking improve yourself.

Do what she says.

That’s my two cents.


If you don’t want to screw her don’t do it. I get everyone else is like “yeah go do it hurhur” but working with entities YOU do what you want to do. It’s your path in the end of the day not the entity’s there’s no one way to improve yourself just because a demon tells you to do it one way.


This is also solid advice. I have been doing some…side quests (you might say) with Ladilok on a more ‘sinister’ application while trying to figure out what to do with the advice from Lilith (whom I respect).

I am under the suspicion that she wants to groom me to set me up with some female Satanist-on one level or another. A lot of stuff happened fast after Lucifer got hold of me and started working with me, then Lilith followed up with this.

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I agree with @Stepe on this one. I second the test.


I don’t necessarily trust them with match making.


Exactly! Plus this asshole wants to use women as victims of vampire magick! Wtf!


It’s actually pretty common even for women to use men that way as well, heck in some magick practices like sex magick the woman can use the man as a battery to power her workings.


Ya know?? And for someone that would be going from no dating at all to pairing up with a Satanist, after only recently agreeing to wear that label (though LHP for a few years), its like “um I would link up with other Satanists…ok…why?”

Actually there are a few females that have shown interest in me, and some of them WERE attractive. I went my own way though.
If it were for the purpose of magical advancement…like…I might be willing to do THIS if I get ThaT.
My boss being unattractive just complicates things.

GO fucking figure, ya know? I mean this is the Dark Tree we are talking about here. Vampiric style magic can be found in more than one location, now we go all RHP!? What? Cause it mentions females? Now we loose our minds? Gotta be ‘part of the plan’ or else…

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