WTF is going on in this house? Need some advice

I just moved back to my home state a few days ago to be closer with my friends and family. I had been gone for a year and a half so I could learn energy work more deeply without anyone I know interfering in my practices.
I’m staying with my parents in a quarantine due to the fact I spent so much time in airports and on planes. My dad won’t talk about anything but the current virus outbreak and is forcing my mom and I to take absurd amounts of immune system supplements. He has quickly become an insufferable nuisance. Every day he tells me what a “sick, disgusting, gross, queer, faggot” I look like wearing nail polish, which is simply just acceptable to men in the state I moved from. At this point, my mom and I are hiding out in our rooms just trying to avoid him. She’s a very sweet woman and extremely stressed out by him, I never see her smiling now and the stress is taking a toll on her body. My dad is trying to turn me against her onto his side, saying things like, “somebody like her would get us killed in an emergency like this”. For even more context, my parents are deep in the fundamentalist Christian game, both are Pentecostals. My dad is the more dogmatic and extreme of the two, absolute Bible thumper. He’s enjoying the virus outbreak immensely, talking about how fascinating it is.
Here’s where the occult shit comes in. The bed I’m sleeping in is perfect for lucid dreaming/Astral travel. I can easily allow my body to fall asleep on it while staying awake and enter into the vibration/separation stage of these processes. Each time I’ve reachedtthe initial stage however, I can’t leave my body. The first time I tried, it was if my soul was mourning and weeping, and I remember thinking, “it’s so fucked up that I must be attached to my body”. This is a very foreign thought to me as I love my body very much. Last night I made a more serious effort toddetach my awareness while falling asleep, but as I began to enter into the vibration stage, I felt completely terrified. It felt like the room was full of people watching me and holding me down and as if someone was squeezing the top of my head with their hands. I quickly turned the fear into anger and lunged up from the bed, out of my body and into a strange lucid dream/out of body experience. I was now standing in the room outside of my body. It was as if the air was full of heaviness. I turned and stumbled to each wall, attempting to draw large, growing pentagrams on each side. I couldn’t manage this however, because my movements were as if I was drunk and off balance. In a last ditch effort, I lunged for the door, phasing through it and into the living room. It became a bit clearer in that area, but it was full of darkness in this version, and not the fun kind, simply the kind you can’t see in and stumble around in. I made my way into the kitchen and stood near the counter. At this point, a dream version of my dad walked in with some sort of electrical device being held in his hand. He got this disgusting smirk on his face and walked up to me, waving it in my face jokingly, as if to taunt me. I backed up and told him to stop. He started laughing, walked closer, and began electrocuting me. This was very painful and visceral, as if it were happening to my phsyical body. This went on for a full minute and I could no return to my body. When it finally let up, I opened my eyes and was back in bad. I had a massive headache and my body was in pain. I have no clue what exactly happened, as it was most definitely a dream, but in some ways was more physically related and visceral than a dream.
What do you guys think this is exactly? And what on earth can I do to make my stay here easier for myself, especially psychically? I can roll with the punches and handle huge amounts of pain, but I don’t want to wind up hating my dad by the end of this, he’s simply a misguided, uneducated man who cannot see any of his foolishness. I’d rather just take care of myself and my mom. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

This context leads me to believe the following:
• Your father is in a panic state due to the virus outbreak, as is a large number of people worldwide. No one wants to die from a stupid virus , and I feel like your dad belongs to those "no one"s.
• He blames your mother for -what?- the outbreak? Or he thinks she will be a reason for you to get infected? I don’t think I fully got that one part, but whatever the case, I can’t help but feel like those -obviously irrational- assumptions are made by an unstable individual. Does your father or a relative from his family tree suffer from any mental illnesses that could be hereditary?
• He is kind of an asshole -sorry- but make up and nail polish is for everyone.

Now for the paranormal stuff:

The fact that your father shamed something on your body may have landed a heavy blow in your confidence. You say that in the state you previously lived in it was “acceptable” (whatever that means tbh :unamused:) for men to have their nails polished. So there is a great chance you never had to deal with criticism about it before. And now, maybe subliminally , you question the choice and what you feel comfortable in. So maybe you are experiencing a block. Our spirit is affected by emotions, that’s why people’s aura often changes colours according to their feelings. And that may be a reason why you can’t astral travel at the moment.

This leads me to the same conclusion with the above. You are fearful of other people’s gaze. This reminds me of social awkwardness. Socially awkward people are often afraid of => criticism.
The same goes for the rest of your post.

Sorry to say this, but there’s nothing wrong with your house. The thought of your father is poisoning you. There’s only so much a person can handle. These days aren’t easy for any of us.
And I don’t blame you for having these kinds of experiences when you simultaneously have to deal with a father shaming you and blaming your mother for whatever .


Hey there friend, I’m sorry you and your mum are experiencing this situation and you are being harmed by this cruel man. I came from a family that had a matriarch very similar in nature to your dad and she became a very key figure in my personal development. When my mom and I were forced to move back to the midwest as we were broke, I found myself for the first time confronted by an adult who would not only gaslight and emotionally abuse me, but who would also threaten physical violence by saying “do you want me to hit you?” When I was about 13 after enduring three years of this woman I finally said, “I fucking dare you to hit me you cunt.” And she did! Hit me right in the mouth pretty hard. I beat that woman bloody that day. It was a hard lesson to learn and it made me a much darker, more malevolent person that I would have been otherwise. I was a genuine nice girl who loved horses and watched children’s cartoons before we moved into that hellish situation, and this changed the trajectory of my evolution dramatically. As she sat on the floor holding her bloody face I told her if she ever told anyone about this I’d kill her while she slept. She told my mom her face was fucked up because she fell in the back yard and I knew from then on I owned her. She never disrespected me again and weirdly we developed a sort of half friendship. As I got older and involved more with local organized crime she actually laundered money for me by giving me gifts from her checking account that I reimbursed to her as cash.

These kinds of people aren’t wired like you and me. They’re not even fucking people. They only understand one language - who can dominate whom. I can’t say that I recommend you do what I did because only you know what is right for you, and to be honest I feel like I earned a stain on my soul that day that I can never remove. But on the other hand, the experience seemed to ignite a survival instinct that has served me very well over the decades. For me personally, I wouldn’t let that fucker dominate me or my mom, he needs to be brought to heel. From what you’ve told me I bet he’d actually be strangely proud of you for cleaning his clock.

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He believes that she would be responsible for us becoming infected. There is a history from both sides of my family of drug use and violence. When my dad was younger he was a criminal. So yes, you are not incorrect in assuming this is a result of instability.
What you are incorrect for assuming is that the nail comment affected my confidence. I’ve laughed at him each time he’s said something, and said, “I’m sorry you feel that way, but I’m not changing anything.”
What I meant by saying it was acceptable in the stateiI moved from was to say that it was widely practiced there, whereas here it unheard of, much less accepted.
It’s also incorrect that I’m fearful of the gaze of others. In this case, I felt fear due to the fact that it was if I was being held down and having my head squeezed. How would the gaze of someone doing that to you make you feel as you tried to leave your body? That’s why I also said that I turned this fear into anger as a means of release. Typically in that stage of the process, not only does it almost always feel as if I’m being watched, but I can always see around the room. This was not the case this time. I’m used to the feeling of being watched, but not to the feeling of sheer blindness while being held down.

have you watch the horror show . the grudge? similar concept except your dad’s worshiping stuff is making the energy of the home something else. in his case. it’s the bad energy he projects. In the movie it’s the anger /death that cuz the home to be haunted.

I didn’t “assume” anything. Nor did I come here carrying the banner of wisdom. Just pointing out that things aren’t always what they seem when you dive deeper and take a closer look. You’d be surprised at the number of people who have been criticised about the way they act,dress,look etc. , dismissed it by putting this “words can’t hurt me” bullshit at the front and later discovered that they were wrong.
Yes, words do hurt and they hurt a lot. When someone insults you and ridicules something you’re into , your ego gets upset. And this can later come to the surface in the form of dreams and negative thoughts.
Believe it or not.
Congratulations on “coming back” at him. Now maybe you will have enough time to work on rebuilding your confidence.
WHICH I REPEAT (for the slower brains) is an outcome of both your mental exhaustion due to the situation in your home and your father’s cruelty.
That’s all I gotta say :woman_shrugging:t2:

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I feel like there are beings trying to prevent you from Projecting …probably alien type…
About your dad… You can cut the esthetic cords relating you and him… Or use a box lined up with mirrors on the inside and do magick to reflect his energy back to him

I don’t think anything is wrong with the house, and your subconscious is playing a big role with not being able to astral project. In times of stress like these, I wouldn’t bother as you may only attract lower entities or parasites. You shouldn’t feel terrified when trying to project. The feeling of your head being held reminds me of possible sleep paralysis, also can happen during times of stress and anxiety.

I would do a banishing before bed every night if possible. Parasites are nasty critters that can cause all sorts of problems.

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Your father’s behavior is all fear based. If your father is an older conservative adult that is typical behavior of an old grouch. My father is the same way. He has no filter and I have to remind him that he cannot be making politically incorrect statements, but he doesn’t care and tells me “bull shit”.