Wrote a letter to lillith. Need some help please!

First of all hi guys Im William… Im totally new to all of this and very excited of course. Bit like a kids first day at school so bear with my english and lack of knowledge.

Anyhow, I wrote a letter to Lillith yesterday at 3am cause I wanted to experience sex magic with a demon. Mark that I never ever done anything like this before. But I did my research @succupedia thanks btw! Wrote a letter with all my wishes and commands, ejaculaded on the letter and and two drops of blood on it and burn it. And waited waited for something to happen and Im not sure if its just my mind playing a trick or if something actually happend… Felt a bit like breeze came over my penis and shoulders from time to time but nothing more really?.. Bit disapponted to be honest but what can I do to incriese and repeat this? Shall i write another to burn or should I get in to a relationstip with the demon to make it “do more”? … anyway, thanks guys!

Because you are new to this it will take sometime. You need to practice visualising and focusing when you call your succubi/incubi forth. The more energy you focus into summoning the stronger the spiritual energy the spirit will gain. Also elongate the amount of sexual energy you put into the ritual the more you give the more powerful they will manifest.


What if I was able to get really close to having sex with her when I had no sleep for a day but now am having trouble even contacting her? Also do you have to evoke your “succubus” just like any other entity?

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Depends on what type of magick sense you possess if your one who sees, hears or feels. Figure out which one is your stronger suit. Then learn to use that to tap into your summoning. I’m a feel person so i know when a spirit is around from the sublte changes on the environment, feeling a breeze is usually the start of a manifestation the more energy is put in the more intense the sensations and occurances are.

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