Wrong numbers

MANY TIMES I have attemted to influence games of chance very often the whole set of numbers will come out but one digit above or one below .the latest excample is a uk game called 49s my numbers were 4 8 14 17 19 the afternoon results were either one above or one below except for number 19 .i have been useing various magical methods and i very often get a string of numbers one above or one below.it is as if transmission is not being fully recieved.any ideas of whaht is occuring ?

Try numbers one below and one above :wink:

i think you can’t influence machines.only humans.just my thought.
you can influence the guy who will pick up the winning lottery ticket.this is possible.
probably you are talking about bending the universe to your will…this is also possible but don’t forget the competition.you are not alone in this game.you have to overcome thousands of others…and this is why lotto spells are never effective(almost)

Yes, it happened to me almost every time. I found it so frustrating that eventually I gave up trying.

Heh, it never stops bothering me. Why you all people who wants to have a lot money, are doing long time lottery spells, instead of doing some magick to increase you money streams, to get ideas to set-up a business or to bring you some better job, good business opportunities etc? Why you are laying your lazy assess on the couch waiting for money from heaven, instead of going for it?
With, or without spell, with this attitude you will always be poor.

This is the age of instant gratification @dellamage…lol…not judging anyone who follows that standpoint…to each their own…but what you mention, one would think to be the better way to go about it…then again, at one point people thought this planet was flat etc…