Wrong Impression of Evocation?

I was talking with someone recently and they told me I was wrong about a few things. I thought if you successfully evoked a spirit, you could ask for anything you want and if they agreed, you would give them offerings and once they completed it, you would give them a gift for accomplishing it for you. But this person told me that most spirits are not limitless so the can’t do things such as changing the past or changing your genetics. And the ones who are able to do this, would never answer to humans, we answer to them. Is this true?

I always thought of spirits such as the Goetia to be limitless, but just had things they specialized in.

I don’t think this is true. To quote a Palo priest on something similar, “That’s Harry Potter shit.” It seems that most work subtlety with occasional dramatic thing thrown in. To quote EA, “you have to work within reality. If you were just caught slaughtering your family, you’re probably going to do time.”

I know it wouldn’t happen over night, things like that would take time, but still it’s possible. Imo things like this is what people would call “miracles” or “coincidences”. Yea it’s highly unlikely, but it can still be explained and make sense in the realm of reality.

Oh shit I just realized you were agreeing with me. Sorry, I need to take my ass to sleep lol.

There are a lot of variables and opinions to this, Here’s mine. I think its more like they can be limitless in what they specialized in. For instance i believe E.A. once tried to have King Paimon heal his daughter and it did not work, because healing is not what Paimon does. So he used the archangel raphael. Finding the right spirit for the job can make all the difference. I suggest you learn the methods and techniques used by other magicians and find out for yourself what the limits of magick are. Other magicians limitations are just that, their own, don’t make them yours.=)