Written Demonic Pact w/ Paimon (Resolved)


I am looking to forming my first written demonic Pact. The spirit I have chosen is Paimon.

Specifically, what I am looking for would be a sample, or template if you will, of a demonic pact on paper.

I have written a draft pact in my ‘Occult Notebook’ (aptly named if I do say lol). I started by writing out what I desire to learn from him in terms of my magical career as well as those things I desire in the worldly, physical life. That which is desired above and that which is desired below, metaphorically speaking. I then included his sigil.

I then wished to know what my obligations to King Paimon would be, so I spoke to him directly about it (by activation if his sigil on the draft pact). I asked him how I should word and layout the final pact that will be ‘officially’ put to King Paimon in a ritual for that purpose. His answer was to speak to other magicians who have experience in this realm.

My draft goes more or less as follows:

Herein, I Tempus Magistri, dul record all that I desire to learn and gain from King Paimon in an ongoing relationship.

I Tempus Magistri will duly record any instructions or pertinent information relayed by King Paimon.
<Conversation w/ King Paimon, recording of his instructions>
Signed, Tempus Magistri

It was then decided I would finalize the written pact.

In the performance of the ritual wherein the written pact is agreed upon and signed by both parties, King Paimon instructed that he would ‘guide me’ in the ritual and assist me in the particulars… Such as any hand gestures, or whether blood will be drawn, etc. etc.

I’m looking advice regarding the wording of the written pact. ‘Such is an accord between X and X’ or basically, what should I write? I basically just need to be pointed in the right direction, by somebody who has experience in these areas

Does it suffice simply to say ‘This paper is a written record of an agreement between X and X’ then going on to list what he will do, what I will do, and then signing?

Thank you for any assistance given on this matter!

Edit/Update @ 7:41pm

I believe the answer has come to me… The wording should reflect the intent. The intention is the utilizing of a written pact on paper as a symbol for a union of sorts between the two parties.

I’m really interested to see if anybody has any examples to share.

I’m basically thinking something of this flavour…

“Here upon this parchment is an accord between Tempus Magistri & King Paimon.”

Edit/Update @ 8:23pm

Exactly what I have been seeking has been delivered to me. I was lead to review my copy of the Book of Azazel. For located, beginning on page 68, is what appears to be a word-for-word recitation of the pact E.A. made with Azazel.

This is exactly what I needed!

Thank you, BALG community for it was in a post wherein my direction was found,

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Well as long as it’s something of importance to you whatever you offer should be accepted. Just last week I made a pact and my terms where to not smoke MJ on Friday and Saturday for 2 weeks. Seeing how I smoke big tree every day all day. the being I delt with enjoyed the feeling of me not “partaking in what I desire” ie thatmy suffering that was my offer. I had our terms written out signed with my signature

I’ve had some really interesting lessons from King Paimon (K.P.) this week regarding exactly that.

When I contacted K.P. after writing up the draft demonic pact, I asked him what my obligations were; what a suitable offering would be. His response was that my offering would simply be to follow through with the work; to follow through with and complete what I began.

You see, I am really bad for starting things, losing interest, and ultimately never finishing what was started,.

So K.P. basically said that my offering to him will be fulfillment of my ‘duties’, which in the context of our pact equates to recording his teachings and instructions, reflecting upon it and performing rituals & incantations given to me, etc.