Writing a Psalm

Hello everyone. I need help with the topic of writing a psalm. I recently had a meeting with Mammon and he basically wanted me to write a psalm or write a long prayer for him. Has anyone on here wrote a psalm before? How exactly do i go about this?

@telgega? Maybe @StewardofSophia?

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or you could always ask @C.Kendall how he writes his litanies and base it off that?


A psalm is basically Hebrew Poetry. All forms of poetry have a basic structure style that can be utilized for original pieces. You probably will be able to find some break downs of those structures if you Google “hebrew poetry structure” that may make it a bit easier. If i recall correctly, it is based entirely on syllables, with one half of the line being made of two groups of syllables and the other having the same number of the sum from the two other groups in the first part.


Thank you. I will look into it. I didnt know psalms were a hebrew poetry style. Interesting.

@itsnathanm7 thank you for spreading the word. It means alot.


No problem! I knows people :crazy_face:


I actually will only make litanies for entities that I know very well, hence I can be very in-depth and intricate.
References to their office, their appearance, their powers, attributes, titles, names (and the many variations of their names).

You can write some yourself but I’d suggest also opening a sigil of the entity and allow their presence to guide you writing it, so the litany is a result of both you and the spirit for example.

Let me write one right now for Mammon.

“Mammon, Maymon, Infernal Prince, hear my call.
Mammon, Maymon, Bestower of fortune and wealth.
Mammon, Maymon, Earthly greed come onto me.
Mammon, Maymon, I call onto you now,
Arise Mammon, Arise Maymon,
Come from your domain and rise before me,
Behind me, around me, above me, within me.
Mammon, Maymon, Wicked Patron Of Thieves, The
Corrupt, The Outlaws & Criminals.
I conjure you, I summon you, I call you come,
Mammon come, Maymon come.
Devil Of Riches, Fiend Of Avarice, Emerge Forth,
He who comes with treasures untold,
He who reveals the treasures of the earth,
Who tares the gold from the sun.
Mammon hear my voice, see my signs
And do not forsake me.
Spirit Of Material Indulgence, Deliver Of Wealth.
For it is you who whispers across the northern
Region of hells concave, your whispers
That incite want, desire and fulfilment.
Tasa Mammon On Ca Lirach,
Tasa Mammon On Ca Lirach,
Tasa Mammon On Ca Lirach.
Vikz Rap’ah Eltune Ki Mammon,
Vitz Rap’ah Eltune Ki Mammon,
Vitz Rap’ah Eltune Ki Mammon.
Mammon he who delivers worldy power
Onto those that call you, that meet with you,
That commune with you, that are guided by you.
Mammon treasurer of hell, Devil Of Excess,
He who can turn the tears of the poor
Into the diamonds of the rich and thriving.
The Sire Of Influencers & The Powerful,
He who teaches the ways of control,
The knowledge of ambition and discovery.
Mammon, Maymon, he who resides beneath
The fertile soil, arise from the soil Mammon,
Like the fruits of my desires, bring forth all your power,
All your knowledge, give onto me your essence,
I invoke you and bring you into me,
As I bring you into this space come Mammon come.
Mammon, Maymon, enter into this space,
Enter my mind, enter my heart, enter my body,
Manifest upon the altar of my immortal soul.
Tasa Mammon On Ca Lirach,
Tasa Mammon On Ca Lirach,
Tasa Mammon On Ca Lirach.
Vikz Rap’ah Eltune Ki Mammon,
Vitz Rap’ah Eltune Ki Mammon,
Vitz Rap’ah Eltune Ki Mammon.
Come Mammon come, Come Maymon come
Coms Mammon come, Coms Maymon come”.

So that’s just a basic ass version ya know, the actual chant “Vitz Rap’ah Eltune Ki Mammon” I decided to do a spontaneous channeling for what he calls “The Song Of Need & Want”. So take this add to it if you want, remove what doesn’t sit right with you or keep how it is, it’s up to you.

If this was another entity for example Belial, Lucifer, Asmodeus, Lilith etc it would be much lengthier because of my time, bond and connection with them.


I appreciate this so much! Thank you so much for taking time out of your day. I will more than likely use yours as inspiration as the parts of titles and chants helps clear up much of my issues. Also love your youtube channel. Keep up the great work.

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Your more than welcome and thank you man, you have a good day :smiley:

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You too.

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That was nice!


Thank you :smiley:


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We were wondering if you know how to write a Psalm so he can learn how :wink:

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